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Our Offerings

A comprehensive educational journey for students in grades 5 to 10, preparing them for Human + AI Collaboration. Going beyond theory, our curriculum ensures active engagement—students not only learn about AI but also build, package, and promote their own applications.

SchoolGPT is your all-in-one solution for seamless school management and administration. Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems—ask one question, and SchoolGPT delivers the information you need within few seconds. Effortlessly streamline your institution’s operations with SchoolGPT.

Our Teacher Training Program goes beyond conventional training, immersing educators in the latest advancements, with a special focus on Generative AI. Empowering teachers with knowledge to not just answer questions but to inspire curiosity and fuel the next generation’s passion for AI.

We are Not Just Offering Courses and Tools. We are Building an AI Ready Eco-system Around the Schools.

Data&AI Talks is an inter-school competition designed to inspire young minds to think creatively about futuristic technologies and to present their innovative ideas for data and AI products or services. This annual event takes place in various locations around the world. Our goal is to encourage children to become problem-solvers and to tackle complex issues with the aid of AI.

The Data&AI is not merely a club; it’s an ecosystem of learning, innovation, and inspiration. It’s an endeavor to create a generation of AI-literate citizens who are not just consumers of technology but also its creators. With this initiative we contributing to India’s future as a hub of AI innovation, equipping the country’s children and young adults with the tools, skills, and mindset necessary to shape the AI landscape of tomorrow.

GenAI Product Show is a competition that invites children from various locations to showcase their Generative AI products. It provides a platform for participants to pitch their ideas and win exciting prizes. The most promising ideas may also receive seed funding from our network of investors, subject to their qualification criteria. Our goal is to encourage children to create remarkable things and to display their talents to the world.