online math classes for 1st grade to 10th grade

Making Kids Fall
In Love with Math!

A Live Online Afterschool Program to Inspire Curiosity and Confidence in Kids with math++

online math classes

There's so much to learn with math++​


It focuses on the application of mathematical concepts to real-life contexts, making math engaging and fun like never before.

Algorithmic Thinking

RobArt develops Algorithmic Thinking and Programming Logic. It is a Way to Create Mathematical Art & Patterns Using Programming Language SCALA.

Data Thinking

Develops Data Thinking by majorly focusing on statistics, data analysis, patterns and visualization. It will enhance kids logical & analytical skills

AI Thinking

It includes the concepts of deep learning, neural networks, AI algorithms and its understanding of various real world applications.

Why is Now the Best Time
for kids to Learn math++?

Learning math++ at an early stage will help kids understand how it works and what to do with it. Thus, allowing them to use it much more efficiently. The scope of math++ is tremendous. It will not only enable kids to become more future-ready but will also help them in developing critical thinking and increase their curiosity to learn. 

Learning Outcomes of math++ Program

  • Ignites Curiosity
  • Enhances Creativity
  • Builds Strong Foundation in Mathematics
  • Improves Problem-Solving Skills
  • Boosts Imagination
  • Develops Pattern Recognition Skills
  • Develops Algorithmic Thinking
  • Develops Data Thinking
  • Develops AI Thinking
  • Nurtures Leadership Skills
online math classes for kids
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