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Year-long, Mini Group, Live Online Math Classes

Math++ is a new way to teach math. It is an innovative program with a focus on Math + Algorithmic (RobArt) + Data + AI Thinking. It is a live online math classes especially designed for kids of 1st grade to 8th grade by global social visionaries with 20+ years of experience in Data and AI. math++ makes kids ready for the digital world of math, data and Artificial Intelligence.

Having math++ skills is going to be a game-changer for kids!

Why are we the First Choice of Parents & Students!

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Highly Qualified & Passionate Math Trainers

All the math++ educators are highly qualified, passionate and rigorously trained before taking live online math classes. They make math class very interactive & joyful. 

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Powered by Social Visionaries

math++ classes is especially designed for kids of 1st grade to 8th grade by global social visionaries with 20+ years of experience in Data and AI. 

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Application Based Learning

In our math online classes we focus on teaching kids through real time experiences and examples rather than just the repetitive practice of using textbook math problems.

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Mini-Group Classes for Collaborative Learning

It’s imperative to teach the way student understands. We have moved ahead from the conventional teaching method and make student feel comfortable and connected.

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Learning Curve

Covers entire math syllabus. Lessons are planned in a way that all the related math topics are explained to the student well in advance for them to get an edge when taught in school.

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Quality Feedback Mechanism

Quality Feedback Mechanism End to end quality check by academic managers to ensure accurate assessment, performance tracking and feedback to the teachers.

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math++ Program for Grade 1 to Grade 8

We believe in paving out a strong math foundation for kids before they go into the higher grade levels, because when the foundation is strong the math learning is complete.


Features of Our Live Online Math Classes for Kids

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Benefits of Joining math++ Classes

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Makes Learning Math Simple, Easy and Fun

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Ignites Curiosity and Boosts Imagination

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Fosters Creativity and

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Builds Confidence and
Leadership Skills

Don't Just Take Our Word for it, Hear What Our Students Say.

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