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Empowering Education, Simplifying Administration

SchoolGPT is a super helpful tool for schools and everyone involved—teachers, students, and parents. You can just ask simple questions, and it gives you the answers you were looking for. It’s like having a smart friend for all things school-related! 

How SchoolGPT Helps Your School

SchooGPT for School Management

SchoolGPT acts as a champion for schools by automating tedious administrative tasks. It effortlessly handles attendance tracking, fee collection, and compliance monitoring, liberating valuable time for school management by simply asking a straightforward question. It allows them to concentrate on strategic initiatives and nurturing a thriving learning environment.


SchoolGPT For Teaching Staff

Teachers, the superheroes of education, are getting their mojo back! Imagine a fresh era of teaching where they have cool tools for making lessons, checking how everyone’s doing, and making smart guesses about future progress. With SchoolGPT, teachers can take it a bit easier and make learning super personal for each student. It’s like giving them a sidekick that handles the heavy lifting, so they can focus on what they do best—teaching and inspiring!


SchoolGPT for Students

Children are naturally brimming with curiosity, and the limited hours of school simply can’t satisfy their endless questions and doubts. Take a leap into the realm of self-discovery with SchoolGPT’s virtual tutor, self-assessment tools, and a dedicated platform for asking questions. This transforms learning into an interactive and engaging experience, customized to each individual’s needs. It ignites a passion for knowledge and nurtures boundless curiosity.


How SchoolGPT Works

You Ask a Question on Data About Your School & The AI Assistant Answers!

It Leans from Your Data – Both Structured and Unstructured


For Institutes


  • Fee Records
  • Admissions
  • Classes
  • School Yearly Calendar
  • Plans
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Attendance
  • Transportation
  • Food


  • Exam Plans
  • Student Performance
  • Practice Questions

Communication & Engagement

  • Communications
  • Classroom Chats


For Teachers

Communication & Engagement

  • Class Recordings
  • Classroom Chats
  • Study Materials


  • Case Tests
  • Homework & Student
  • Engagement
  • Practice Questions

Marketing & CRM System

  • Inquiries
  • Campaigns
  • Customers


School LMS

  • Lesson Text
  • Lesson Documents (PDF, PPT & Word)
  • Subject Videos
  • Digital Books (PDF)

Other Documents

  • Emails
  • Other Communication Docs (PDF, PPT Text & Word)
  • Assignment Documents
  • Website Content

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