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Generative AI course for Kids

GenAI Master is all-encompassing course meticulously tailored for students in grades 5 to 10. From foundational principles to advanced concepts, students will be gaining a deep understanding AI’s inner workings and its practical applications. Students will embark on a journey of exploration, equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills to construct innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

Course Modules

GenAI Master Course equips students with a comprehensive AI education, from foundational knowledge to hands-on project.

Part 1

Building AI Knowledge and Skills

  • Foundation to AI
  • Thinking 2.0
  • Math for AI
  • Data, ML, DL & AI
  • Coding for AI
  • Responsible AI

Part 2

Exploring Generative AI

  • Foundation to Generative AI
  • Using Generative AI for Learning
  • Prompt Design & Engineering
  • GenAI Use Cases
  • Building GenAI Apps
  • Entrepreneurship

Part 3

Hands-on Projects

  • Coding Projects
  • ML Projects
  • GenAI Projects

Our Curriculum Framework is
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Learning Outcomes

Key Details of the Program

Untitled design (50)

Made for 5-10 Grades


80 Classes Per Grade


2 Classes Per Week


Learn with Offline Instructor


Hands-on Experience with Projects

Community for Collaboration

Showcase Ideas, Papers & Products

AI-Based Learning Companion

After-school Internships with Global Companies

GenAI Master is Available at AI-Ready Schools & AI Ready Kids Learning Centres.

Explore How GenAI Master Could Make Your Kid AI Ready.