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Generative AI course for Kids

GenAI Master is all-encompassing course meticulously tailored for students in grades 5 to 10. From foundational principles to advanced concepts, students will be gaining a deep understanding AI’s inner workings and its practical applications. Students will embark on a journey of exploration, equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills to construct innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

Course Modules

GenAI Master Course equips students with a comprehensive AI education, from foundational knowledge to hands-on project.

Part 1

Building AI Knowledge and Skills

  • Foundation to AI
  • Thinking 2.0
  • Math for AI
  • Data, ML, DL & AI
  • Coding for AI
  • Responsible AI

Part 2

Exploring Generative AI

  • Foundation to Generative AI
  • Using Generative AI for Learning
  • Prompt Design & Engineering
  • GenAI Use Cases
  • Building GenAI Apps
  • Entrepreneurship

Part 3

Hands-on Projects

  • Coding Projects
  • ML Projects
  • GenAI Projects

Our Curriculum Framework is
Powered by Our Core Philosophy.

Learning Outcomes

Kids not only learn about Generative AI but also create and showcase their projects.

The GenAI Show is an incredible event where kids can dive into the world of Generative AI, showcase their creative projects, and even build their own GenAI apps!

Check out the trailer to see what we’ve done recently.

Key Details of the Program

Untitled design (50)

Made for 5-10 Grades


80 Classes Per Grade


2 Classes Per Week


Learn with Offline Instructor


Hands-on Experience with Projects

Community for Collaboration

Showcase Ideas, Papers & Products

AI-Based Learning Companion

After-school Internships with Global Companies

GenAI Master is Available at AI-Ready Schools & AI Ready Kids Learning Centres.

Explore How GenAI Master Could Make Your Kid AI Ready.