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The 3 Day GenAI Creator Workshop for Kids in the US: An Initiative by TTA, Powered by {igebra.ai}

In the vibrant tapestry of technological education, a remarkable initiative woven by the Telangana American Telugu Association has captured the imagination of young minds across the United States. This visionary project, executed with flair by {igebra.ai}, a U.S.-based AI research, development, and education powerhouse, took the form of the GenAI Creator Workshop. Held from May 3rd to 5th, 2024, this free, online workshop opened a portal for children to explore the fascinating world of generative AI by creating songs and 3D animations. It was not merely a course but an adventure into the limitless potential of AI, designed to ignite curiosity and foster innovation among the leaders of tomorrow.

The workshop’s core mission was to peel back the curtain on the mysteries of generative AI, enabling children to harness these advanced tools to create something truly unique. Beyond the technical skills, the program sought to plant seeds of inspiration, encouraging participants to ponder the latest tech advancements and consider their future roles in shaping this dynamic field. It was an invitation to dream big, envisioning new possibilities that extend beyond the current horizons of technology.

The workshop catered to two distinct groups: Group A for elementary school students and Group B for middle and high school students. Each group participated in three meticulously planned workshops focusing on different aspects of generative AI tools and their applications. For instance, Group A was introduced to video song creation using tools such as Suno AI, Midjourney, RunwayML, and ClipChamp. In contrast, Group B explored the creation of animated video stories through platforms like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Pika Labs, Eleven Labs, and ClipChamp. These sessions were supplemented by support sessions to assist participants in completing their projects, ensuring a hands-on, supportive learning environment.

Following the enlightening workshops, the participants were tasked with submitting their creations for the first round of competition. This exciting phase was designed to showcase the skills and creativity they had honed during the workshops. From this initial submission, twelve semi-finalists were selected to advance to the grand finale. This culminating event will take place in a hybrid format, combining both virtual and in-person elements, at the prestigious Seattle Convention Center on May 25th and 26th. This hybrid approach ensures that all participants, regardless of their location, have the opportunity to engage and showcase their innovative projects to a wider audience.

The true spirit of the workshop was reflected in the enthusiastic collaboration among participants, mentors, and organizers. It was a collective endeavor that deserved a standing ovation, with parents and mentors playing crucial roles in nurturing the talents and ambitions of these young creators. Special recognition goes to Vamshi Reddy and the Telangana American Telugu Association Team, whose support was instrumental in bringing this idea to life.

Under the guidance of visionaries like Kalyan Kaki and the expert chairmanship of Avinash Gupta Kolluri, the workshop was steered towards success. The proactive co-chairs, Sudhir Dachepalli, Praveen Paluri, and Naresh Kumar Penugonda, along with the GenAI Extended Team members like Kiran Kaki and Satish Chigullapally, contributed significantly to the smooth execution of the event. The wisdom of the judging panel, including Ganesh Gella and Praveen Kashimsetty, enriched the learning experience, providing critical feedback and insights. A round of applause is also due for the dedicated {igebra.ai} team including Srini Vemula, the founder of {igebra.ai}, Chiranjeevi Maddala, Director Product Development & Marketing, for their unwavering support with trainers Azhar Hussain and Karuna Jain, whose creativity and commitment were pivotal in nurturing the next wave of tech innovators.

The GenAI Creator Workshop stands as a beacon of innovation and education, preparing our children for a future where they not only adapt to new technologies but also drive them. As we applaud the achievements of these young creators and their mentors, we look forward to more such initiatives that foster creativity and technological fluency among the future stewards of our world. Let’s continue to celebrate and support such transformative educational endeavors that promise to shape a brighter, more inventive future.

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