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Making Kids Ready for the AI World.

We are a US Based Data & AI Research, Development & Education Company with Great Passion Towards Children and AI.


Our Data & AI Programs

AI Ready School brings AI directly to schools. We firmly believe that schools should be the frontrunners in adopting cutting-edge technologies, not the stragglers. Without an early understanding of AI, students risk facing a chasm between real-world advancements and their education. Hence, speed and early adoption are paramount.

AI Ready Kids Learning centers offer innovative AI programs to the kids to make them ready for the AI-driven world. With a specialised curriculum to instil the innovative thinking and application of AI on real life problems making them understand the real uses of AI. Beyond just learning, AI Ready Kids is a platform where imagination meets technology.

Math++ is a dynamic curriculum crafted by passionate experts dedicated to helping kids appreciate the beauty of mathematics. through experiential learning, coding, and data thinking. It encourages hands-on problem-solving and practical applications, inspiring students to appreciate the beauty of mathematics.