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Discover the Art of Coding with RobART!

RobArt is an innovative and exciting way for kids to explore the intersection of art and technology through creative coding. RobArt allows children to tap into their innate creativity as they learn to code using a robot turtle and the programming language SCALA.

With RobArt, kids can create intricate and unique mathematical art, patterns, and animations. As they create these beautiful works of art, they learn to think deeply about patterns and how to build them with code.

Why SCALA Language?

Scala is a powerful programming language with simple and straightforward syntax that makes it easier for kids to understand the structure of the code. However, like any programming language, it has a learning curve for kids, especially if they are new to coding. Learning the Scala programming language has several benefits, including:

Concise and Expressive

Interoperability with Java

Functional and Object Oriented

Popular and Versatile

Enhance Your Child's Skills with RobART's Innovative Approach

Builds Strong Foundation in Coding Concepts

RobART offers comprehensive learning experience that not only teaches Scala Programming Language but also provides a strong foundation in coding concepts, which sets a solid base for kids to easily grasp and excel in learning other languages.

Enhances Understanding of Math Through Visualization

RobART allows kids to see mathematical concepts in action, which can help them to better understand and visualize the math. For example, coding can help kids to visualize geometric shapes and patterns.

Improves Problem-solving Skills

RobART demands logical thinking and the capacity to adopt a step-by-step approach, which is crucial for problem-solving. When coding, mistakes are inevitable, but that’s where the learning begins.

Nurtures Creativity and Inspires Innovation​​

RobART inspires kids to be innovative and think outside the box. They will be exposed to new ideas and concepts, which inspires their creative thinking. Kids can create animations, games, and interactive projects that are completely their own.

RobART in Action!

RobART Creative Coding Course Details

To promote fair and collaborative learning, we divide students into two groups. Our Little Buddies group, consisting of students in Grades 3 to 5, and our Big Buddies group, consisting of students in Grades 6 to 8. By pairing students of different ages, we foster a culture of teamwork and mutual respect, enabling all students to thrive in our creative coding program.

Little Buddies

3rd Grade to 5th Grade

Big Buddies

6th Grade to 8th Grade

Total 36 Classes
In a Month 12 Classes

All the Sessions
will be 1 Hour Long

Assesments & projects to test coding knowledge

Certification for Qualified Kids from {}

Fee for 3 months
RobART course is 25000

coding for kids,

Why Choose {} RobART Classes?

Our Happy Learners

I was intimidated by the thought of learning how to code, but the instructors made it so easy to understand. I was able to create my own and games, and it was such a rewarding experience. I gained so much knowledge and skills that will help me in my future endeavors. I highly recommend RobART to all who want to learn and have fun at the same time.
Madhumita Maddala
RobArt Learner
I've been part of the RobART program and it's been an amazing experience! The program taught me how to code, but it's also taught me so much more. The teachers are fantastic and they make learning fun and interactive. I love how the program challenges me to think creatively and solve problems.
RobArt Learner

You Ask, We Answer​

Children as young as 5 or 6 years old can start learning basic coding concepts, such as sequencing and problem solving, while more advanced programming can be taught to older children.

To enroll in the RobART creative coding course, you can fill out the form or contact us directly through call or WhatsApp on +1 (425) 465-1559.

Yes, all qualified students who complete the course will receive a certificate.

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