On Premises MathLab for
Your School to Help Your Students Score Better in Math.


We are Committed to help our partner schools to make kids fall in love with math, boost their confidence to think mathematically, make them solve problems with confidence and score well.

Our Proven Approach

Interactive & Application Based Approach to Practice Math Problem Solving Using


Problem Analysis with Math Coding (RobArt) & Other Visual Aids


Solution Explanation by {iPi}Buddies


Context Experience with Stories

Expected Outcomes

Benefits of Setting up MathLab for Students

Improved Mathematical Thinking

Improved Love
for Math

Improved Confidence in Solving Math Problems

Improved Scores
in Exams

How It Works

45 Minute One Session
Per Week

10 - 15 Problems Practice Per Week

One Assessment Every Month

We Care For Your School Kids and
Make them Fall in Love with Math!

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help students understand math in a simpler and fun way and also aid schools to achieve their goals, and beyond.

How is it Different

Not Just an App

Passionate Teachers for Interactive and Collaborative Learning

Supported by Math Experts​

Focus on Nurturing Mathematical Thinking with RobArt & {iPi}Buddies

How We Teach

  • Our Trainers will Visit Your School and Provide an Overview to Your Teachers
  • Classes will be Delivered through a hybrid model (Math++ on-site Instructor and Math++ Online Expert)
  • Your Teachers can Assist Kids

Interactive LMS

Easy to Use

An easy to use LMS for enhanced experience after the live classes

Test Practice

Test Practice with Explanation of the Solution with Video, Text and Interactive Tools


Accessible from Desktop/Mobile

Read About Our MathLab Collaboration with N.H. Goel World School


To make kids fall in love with math and enhance their mathematical thinking, {} has launched an on Premises MathLab for Schools to Help Students solve math problems confidently and score better in math.


We Care For Your School Kids and Make them Fall in Love with Math!

Let’s Get There, Together.

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