An initiative by {} to improve math skills of students at the Grassroot level and help them score well.

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Improvement in Math Skills

Our Research Says

Many students at grassroot level don’t receive necessary math education. It leads to increased fear and eventually leads to either failure or leaving math after grade 10.

Our Findings

Probable Reasons Why Students don't Score Well in Math.

The Indian education system in rural areas has its own set of challenges and a lot needs to be done to provide better quality math education for all children.

Math4ALL Inauguration in Kakinada District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Math4ALL Inauguration India

{}’s Math4ALL outreach program has been officially inaugurated in Kakinada District, Andhra Pradesh, India in the presence of Smt. Vanga Geetha (MP), Mr. Kurasala Kannababu (MLA), Mr. Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy (MLA), Dr. Kritika Shukla (Dist. Collector), Mr. Madhusudan Rao D (RJD), Smt. Subhadra Datla (DEO) along with other Government Officials and 300+ audience members. The launch event happened at Smart City Center Conference hall, Kakinada District on 16 November, 2022.

We solve this problem by providing well trained teachers, who can help the students learn the problem solving methods for FREE.

Math4ALL Program Flow


Preliminary Workshop


Recruiting & Training Teacher(s)


Conducting Classes


Student's Assessments

Expected Outcomes

Benefits of Math4ALL Program for Students

Improved Mathematical Thinking

Improved Love
for Math

Improved Confidence in Solving Math Problems

Improved Scores
in Exams

More Love of Math and Empowerment
to Kids at Grassroot Level

Meet Our Partners!

We Partner with Organizations and People Around the World
to Make Kids at Grassroots Level Fall in Love with Math.

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Read About Our Experience at Our Latest Government School Workshop

Math4ALL Workshop at Girls ZPHS, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, India

Girl child education plays an important role in the development of our society as well as country.

Team {} conducted Math4ALL Workshop at ZPHS All Girls School Shamshabad, Hyderabad, a school managed by GMR on 3rd November, 2022.

Math4ALL Workshop at Mayaram Surjan Higher Secondary School, Raipur, India

After our recent Math4ALL successful Workshop at Bendapudi, we selected Mayaram Surjan Higher Secondary School, Raipur for our next workshop since team {} is already

How Our Math4ALL Program at ZPHS, Bendapudi Inspired the District Collector to Implement it Across the Kakinada District

When we heard the stories of Bendapudi’s kids speaking beautiful English, we were excited to meet them and wanted to give them more skills to learn. We could connect with the mastermind behind the famous English program, Mr. Prasad.

Math4ALL program aims to not only be helping the grassroot community by providing a valuable service  it is also helps graduates of the district to get their foot in the door of a profession they might not have known existed. 

Creating Local Employment Opportunities

Government Schools Empowered by {}

Providing Free Year Long Math Classes in these Schools ​​
math4all government school classes

ZPP High School, Vetlapalem

math4all government school classes

ZPP High School, G.Medapadu

math4all government school classes

ZPP High School, U. Kothapalli – Boys

math4all government school classes

ZPP High School, U. Kothapalli – Girls

math4all government school classes

ZPP High School, Mulapeta

Watch Math4ALL Workshop Videos

ZPHS Ankireddypalli - Andhra Pradesh, India

19th December, 2022

Saraswati Shishu Mandhir School, KPHB, Hyderabad - India

8th December, 2022

ZPHS Mamidipalli - Telangana, India

3rd December, 2022

Government Higher Secondary School - Raipur, India

1st December, 2022

Government Higher Secondary School - Raipur, India

14th October, 2022

Mayaram Surjan Higher Secondary School - Raipur, India

11th October, 2022

ZPHS, Bendapudi - Andhra Pradesh, India

21st and 22nd September, 2022

ZPHS, Kammeta - Telangana, India

19th August, 2022

Ethamukkala - Andhra Pradesh, India

6th July, 2022

ZPHS, Chevella - Telangana, India

6th April, 2022

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