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In {}’s Live online math classes for 3rd grade are a significant step up from what kids studied in Grade 2 math classes. Class 3 math students can gain a better understanding of extended forms of numbers and place values.

Expanded notation, as well as rounding up and down, are used. The students are introduced to Roman numerals and asked to compare them to the decimal system. Up until the number 10 is introduced, multiplication tables are memorized.

They solve problems and experiment with probabilities and mathematical reasoning. Modeling, comparing, and ordering fractions are all done. These kids are capable of performing precise calculations as well as reasoning and supporting their conclusions via symbols, words, graphs, tables, drawings, and more.

The Revolutionary Grade 3 math++ Curriculum

Live Online Math Classes


(Math + Data Thinking)

Ideal for kids who want to increase interest in math with a combination of Data Thinking. Kids learn math in a very exciting and interesting way.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Numbers
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Exponents & Order of Operations
  • Decimals
  • Measurements (time, money, etc) & Data Thinking/ Probability.
  • Geometric Thinking
  • Data Described in Detail
  • Collecting Data with Tally Marks
  • Collecting Data by Observing
  • Collecting Data by Asking Questions
  • Pictograph – Showing Data with Pictures
  • Answering Most Popular and Least Popular

Schedule of Live Online Classes

live online math classes for class 3


2 Classes a Week

1 Hour Each Class


1 Class a Week

1.5 Hour Each Class

Math Skills a 3rd Grader is Expected to Learn

Math Skills a 3rd Grader is Expected to Learn

Our Students and Parents Vouch for Us!

I am so happy to share my son’s improvement and his interest towards subject maths after joining {}. His educator in  {} helped him to understand the basics and enjoyed his coding classes.

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Ryan’s Mother, Grade 2


Most Frequently Asked Questions for Class 3 Math

In class 3 math, kids are introduced to decimals, types of fractions and evaluation of exponents. Kids will also learn how to calculate the area of a rectangle, square, perimeter of polygons, graphing points on a coordinate plane. In addition to this they are introduced to the concepts of probability.

Yes, concept-based teaching helps kids learn faster, retain more and boost exam performance. It also encourages learning across, between and among different subjects such as science, math and literacy.

In the learning process, incorporate fun math games, math activities, fascinating visualizations, real-world examples and exciting stories using fictional characters to make your 3rd grader love math!

Live online tuitions for grade 3 are the best because kids learn from the safe environment of home. It saves transit times. Parents can keep a check on their kids’ learning process and connect with their math trainer anytime. Also, the biggest advantage of live online math classes are they provide high quality video backup so that kids can revise anytime.

Coding turns math into a more engaging and fun subject. Whatever kids learn in class 3 math, a part of it can be implemented in coding. It creates some sort of communication among subjects. Thus, it will definitely improve kid’s math skills and performance.

Yes, it completely aligns with the school math curriculum be it’s state board, CBSE, ICSE, or any international board. In Fact, it is one level ahead related to that concept only.

Our Passionate Educators!​

{} math trainers use cutting edge technology to provide joyful, personalized, live online math lessons at flexible schedules for kids to make them fall in love with math.