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Give your child a great head start in arithmetic with {}’s live online math classes for 1st grade. It makes class 1 math super fun.

Having mastered number counting from 1 to 100 in Kindergarten, it is now time for the child to study the basic concepts of class 1 math problems such as identifying numbers, basic arithmetic, and geometry.

Here the kids start with three-digit counting, addition, and subtraction of single-digit numbers, recognize the concept of quantity; understand the place values of numbers and familiarize themselves with basic patterns and shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, and many more. An introduction to basic data thinking starts from Grade 1 itself.

Along with mastering arithmetic abilities, the child’s comprehension of its basic applications in real life is also focused upon.

The Revolutionary Grade 1 math++ Curriculum

Live Online Math Classes


(Math + Data Thinking)

Ideal for kids who want to increase interest in math with a combination of Data Thinking. Kids learn math in a very exciting and interesting way.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Geometric Thinking
  • What is Data
  • Types of Data

Schedule of Live Online Classes

live online math classes for grade 1


2 Classes a Week

1 Hour Each Class


1 Class a Week

1.5 Hour Each Class

Math Skills a 1st Grader is Expected to Learn

Math Skills a 1st Grader is Expected to Learn

Our Students and Parents Vouch for Us!

I am so happy to share my son’s improvement and his interest towards subject maths after joining {}. His educator in  {} helped him to understand the basics and enjoyed his coding classes.

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Ryan’s Mother, Grade 2


Most Frequently Asked Questions for Class 1 Math

In class 1 math, students begin to learn forward counting, backward counting and number series upto number 100. They will also get an understanding of standard and expanded forms of numbers. They will learn addition and subtraction up to three digit numbers. They can compare numbers, quantities and segregate and group various data. Comparisons of objects, identifying and naming of 2D and 3D shapes which will help students to develop their spatial senses.

Math tuition classes are not just meant for weak students but are also great for students who are doing well in math. Math Tutors recognize the importance of personalized learning and coach students based on their aptitude and abilities. They also make sure that kids’ concerns are addressed. Taking online math tuition can bring significant change in a student’s math performance.

In the learning process, incorporate fun math games, fascinating visualizations, and exciting stories using fictional characters to make your 1st grader love math!

Yes! A first grader can learn the basics of coding. Experts agree that children should be taught how to code at the earliest age possible. It will give them a competitive advantage while growing up. Learning to code improves logical and analytical skills.

Math games encourages strategic mathematical thinking in kids and also makes concepts more fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, it deepens the understanding of numbers, helps in identifying 2D 3D shapes, and nurtures data thinking.

Yes, it completely aligns with the school math curriculum be it’s state board, CBSE, ICSE, or any international board. In Fact, it is one level ahead related to that concept only.

Our Passionate Educators!​

{} math trainers use cutting edge technology to provide joyful, personalized, live online math lessons at flexible schedules for kids to make them fall in love with math.