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What is Unit Conversion?

Conversion of units is a process of multi-step conversion of numbers that involves division and multiplication. The process of conversion of units requires the collection of the right numbers and values. Every unit of conversion has to be measured with different units or parameters.

The unit conversion table in math is used to solve various problems. Conversion of units is used by all of us without realizing it. For instance, when the height is being measured in feet, then to determine it in centimeters, we need to convert units to make them understandable.

Learning the concept of unit conversion is a must for everyone as it is used not only in math classes but also in daily activities.

Definition of Conversion of Units

Conversion of units is defined as converting one unit to another by the process of division or multiplication. It is the process of changing one unit to another unit, such as pounds(lbs) to kilograms(Kgs), inches(in) to millimeters(mm), or kelvin(K) to Celsius(C). All the units are used to measure weight, height, volume, length, area, temperature, mass, and many more.

Basic Unit Conversion

There are different types of units to measure different quantities. The most basic unit conversions are:

  •  Length
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Temperature




inch(in), feet(ft), yards(yd), miles


Square inch, Square Yards, Square Feet, Square Mile, Acre


Pint(pt), Gallons(gal), Fluid Ounces(ft oz), Quarts(qt)


Pounds(lb), Ounces, Grams, Fahrenheit(F)


Kelvin(K), Celsius(C), Fahrenheit(F)

Unit Conversion Charts

The unit conversion chart shows us the conversion of unit factors for different units such as length, volume, area, mass, energy, time, etc. It also helps kids to understand better and to do quick calculations in their math classes.

The unit conversion tables in math are also considered formulas that come in handy while converting any given quantity to another unit.

1. Unit Conversion of Area

Unit Conversion

1 sq. inch

6.4516 x 10-4 square meter

1 sq. foot

9.2903 x 10-2 square meter

1 acre

4.0468 x 103 square meter

1 hectare

1 x 104 square meter

1 sq. mile

2.5888 x 106 square meter

1 barn

1 x 10-28 square meter

2. Unit Conversion of Volume

Unit Conversion

1 milliliter

0.001 liters

1 centiliter

0.01 liters

1 deciliter

0.1 liters

1 decaliter

10 liters

1 hectoliter

100 liters

1 kiloliter

1000 liters

1 cubic inch

1.639 × 10 – 2 liters

1 gallon

3.785 liters

1 cubic foot

28.316 liters

3. Unit Conversion of Mass

Unit Conversion

1 milligram

0.001 gram

1 centigram

0.01 gram

1 decigram

0.1 gram

1 decagram

10 gram

1 hectogram

100 gram

1 kilogram

1000 grams

1 stone

6350.29 grams

1 pound

453.592 grams

1 ounce

28.3495 grams

4. Unit Conversion of Length

Unit Conversion

1 millimeter

0.001 meters

1 centimeters 

0.01 meters

1 decimeter

0.1 meters

1 decameter

10 meters

1 hectometer

100 meters

1 kilometer

1000 meters

1 inch

2.54 × 10−2 meters


1 foot

0.3048 meters

1 angstrom

1 x 10-10 meters

1 fermi

1 x 10-15 meters

1 light year

0.946 × 1016 meters

1 mile

1.609344 km

5. Unit Conversion of Time

Unit Conversion

1 minute

60 seconds

1 hour

60 minutes / 3600 seconds

1 day

24 hours

1 week

7 days

1 year

365 days

6. Unit Conversion of Power

Unit Conversion

1 erg/sec

1 x 10-5 watts

1 BTU/hr

0.2930 watts

1 foot-pound/ sec

1.356 watts

1 horsepower

745.7 watts

1 calorie/ sec

4.186 watts

7. Unit Conversion of Energy

Unit Conversion

1 BTU (British thermal unit)

1055 Joule

1 erg

1×10−7 Joule

1 foot-pound

1.356 Joule

1 calorie

4.186 Joule

1 kilowatt-hour

3.6×106 Joule

1 electron volt

1.602×10−19 Joule

1 liter atmosphere

101.13 Joule

8. Unit Conversion of Force

Unit Conversion

1 dyne

1 x 10-5 Newton

1 pound

4.448 Newton


9. Unit Conversion of Density

Density Unit Conversion

1 slug/ cubic ft

515.4 kilogram/ cubic meter

1 pound/ cubic in

2.768 x 104 kilogram/ cubic meter

The Conversion Factor

A conversion factor is a formula or the number that is needed during the process of converting a bigger unit measurement to another unit system of measurement, either by division or multiplication. The conversion factor is usually given in the form of a ratio that can be used to convert the unit either by multiplying or dividing. For instance, say you have time that is measured in hours and you wish to convert it to seconds.

If only you knew the factors in the unit conversion table in math, you would be able to figure out that 1 hour is 60 minutes and 1 minute is 60 seconds. So, putting it together, 1 hour = 3600 seconds.y

Unit Conversion Solved Examples

Solution : 

Since, 1 mile = 1760 yards, we must multiply 20 with 1760 to find out the distance traveled by rachel to reach her friend:

20 miles x 1760 yards/mile = 35,200 yards

Hence, Rachel traveled a total of 35,200 yards to reach her friend’s house.


Since, 1 hour = 60 minutes, we must multiply 3 by 60 to find out how many minutes we have been waiting. 

3 hours x 60 minutes = 180 minutes.

Hence, om has been waiting for 180 minutes.



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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Unit Conversion in Math

Conversion units are important because without these factors one can not convert or change the units of measurement. Unit conversion table in math plays a vital role in changing the measurement from one unit to another unit either by division or multiplication. 


We all use time conversions, weight conversion, length conversion, area conversion, temperature conversion, and volume conversion on daily basis and these are frequently used conversion of units too. 


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