The Ultimate Guide to the Multiplication Table of 19

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Table of 19 - Introduction

The multiplication table of 19 is the term used in mathematics to describe the 19 table. Mathematical operations like addition and multiplication can be used to write this table. Students believe that because the number “19” is challenging, the table of 19 must likewise be challenging. Students can increase their computation speed by learning the table of 19.

How to Read Multiplication Table of 19?

Multiplication Table of 19 (Chart)

Different Ways to Memorize Table of 19 Easily?

1. Table of 19 Traditional Method [Infographic]

This method follows a traditional manner of learning the table of 19, wherein we just multiply the numbers by 1 to 10 and get the result.

2. Table of 19 Addition Method [Infographic]

In this method we keep on adding the digit 19 to the number of times it is getting multiplied with, for example 19 x 2 = Adding 19 twice = 19 + 19 = 38.

2. Table of 19 Short-Cut Method [Infographic]

FAQ's on Table of 19

The oldest decimal multiplication table in existence is the 2,300-year-old matrix. 

More than 4,000 years ago, the ancient Babylonians were most likely the first people in history to develop multiplication tables. They performed their math on clay tablets, some of which have endured until the present day.

Children can solve math problems much more quickly and easily in their brains after they have learned their times tables. They will be able to apply their expertise to swiftly resolve any multiplication problems after they go past using their fingers to calculate answers.

How to Use Multiple of 19 to Solve Problems Quickly and Efficiently

Word Problems


Total no. of students in the class = 19

No. of packets of lays eaten by each student = 5

Total number of lays packets eaten in a span of an hour = 19 x 5 = 95


Because one candy = Rs. 7 

Therefore 19 candies cost = 19 candies x 7 = Rs. 133


Distance covered by Jatin in a day to reach his school = 10 kms

Total distance covered by Jatin from his home to his school for 19 days = 10 x 19 = 190 kms.


Water in each bottle = 8 ml

Water in nineteen bottles = 19 x 8 = 152 ml


First three multiples of 19:

19 x 1 = 19

19 x 2 = 38

19 x 3 = 57

Sum =  114


It could seem a time-consuming process to memorize the multiplication table of 19, but if you can recall the multiplication table for 19, you can utilize the answers quickly rather than having to calculate each result individually. At {} we teach innovative methods to children for learning multiplication tables. Children can learn the multiplication table of 19 in a pleasant and exciting way by playing games at {}

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