{iPi} SMart Learning

Interactive Visual Math

Concept Visualizations make math very easy. Make your kids visualize the Math and experience the true form of Mathematics.

Associated & Reinforcement Learning

  • Associated & Reinforcement learning improves long term memory and knowledge retrieval
  • Also help kids to connect to the practical problems with data thinking

Context based Coding of math art patterns

Context based coding helps kids mixing Coding with Math an important foundation for Machine Learning and Artificial General Intelligence.

Collaborative Storytelling, art & Intelligence Games

Collaborative storytelling builds confidence, leadership, and entrepreneurship and helps kids to enhance Creativity and algorithmic/AI thinking which boost their aspirations and increases their chances of being co-founders of future startups.

Practice Problem Solving

Help kids to improve analytical and problem solving skills which boost their academic grades and put a foundation for Math Olympiad, SAT and IIT exams.