Frequently Asked Question

About Company

1. Who founded the company?

Srini Vemula is the founder of {}. He has rich experience in information technology, data, and AI from top Silicon Valley companies such as Databricks, Apple, HP, etc. 

2. What was the establishment year?

August 2020

3. Where is it located?

{}math++ is a US based EdTech company from Fremont, Silicon Valley, USA with a Global Delivery & Support from Hyderabad, India. 

About Program

1. Does your program’s math curriculum align with the kids’ school math curriculum?

Yes, it completely aligns with the school math curriculum be it’s state board, CBSE, ICSE, or any international board. In Fact, it is one level ahead related to that concept only.

2. There are so many alternatives in the market, Why should I select {}?

Well, there are more than one reasons for you to select {} for your kid’s growth. The top among those is our ambitious vision to change the way the schools are teaching kids. We want to empower young minds with the required knowledge, without making it difficult for them. We want to inspire them to think and improve their curiosity about understanding the beauty of math and its connection with nature. When kids learn things naturally, with an open mind, they can do wonders.

3. Are there any certifications provided?

Yes, certifications are provided after the completion of projects in each quarter

4. How are you integrating math and coding?

All the concepts that are taught in math are then taught in RobArt using ikojo

5. Don’t you think data and AI thinking are too much for young kids?

Today’s kids grow and learn much faster than their previous generations. With data and AI, the world is moving much faster than it did before. In this era, it becomes a necessity for the kids to do something different, and put that little extra effort to stand out in the crowd of millions. Technology is paving new ways to compete and evolve and it is crucial for kids to have data and AI thinking skills

6. How will this program impact my kid’s future opportunities?

Business Founders & CEOs

Data and AI Leaders



Data Scientists

Social Scientists

Enterprise Digital Leaders

VR & AR Architects

Machine Learning Specialists

7. Will this program help my kid to achieve better ranks in competitive examinations?

Math++ program boosts kid’s ability to solve problems quickly and accurately giving them a foundation to achieve better rank in competitive examinations in the future

8. Why are you not teaching other subjects? – Like Science etc

We believe if the kid is able to understand math well, they can learn any other subject with ease

9. Should my kid still go to Maths tuition?

No, we will take care of the math subject entirely.

10. Will you provide special assistance when there are academic exams?

Yes, we will take remedial classes if required

11. Why is Algorithmic Thinking / Coding important for my Kid? Isn’t Math alone sufficient?

Algorithmic Thinking/Coding is a very essential skill for the current generation of kids as it helps them understand the math better because coding requires the kid to think logically and apply the


1. How much is the price?

Math++ Basic – 2999/- pm

Math++ Advanced – 2999/- pm

2. Can we get some discounts?

Yes, you can get discounts

3. Do you have any long-term packages?

Math++ basic 

3 months – 8952

6 months – 17040

12 months – 30875

Math++ Advanced 

3 months – 11988

6 months – 24375

12 months – 40300

4. Do you have any loan facilities?

We do not have loan facilities but you can pay on EMI basis

5. How do I pay?

You can pay through Net Banking, Debit/ATM Card, Credit Card, or UPI on our website 

How do {} Math Classes Work?

1. How many classes will be taken per month?

2 classes per week – basic

3 classes per week – Advanced

2. What is the duration of each class?

Duration of each class is 1hour

3. Does {} have an offline mode of teaching for kids?

No, {} is a complete online program

4. Can we get more than 2 classes in a week?

If the educators feel the kid requires additional help, upto 5 extra classes will be taken

5. Are these live classes or recorded ones?

All the classes are live 

6. Will you give us an app?

Soon we will be giving one 

7. How about homework?

After every class the educator will give homework and if kid require any help with school math homework, educators would be happy to help

8. Can we access past classes?

Yes, all the past classes recordings will be shared

9. How about after-class support?

Yes, we have 24/7 after class support

10. What are the capabilities of your teachers?

All the educators are highly qualified and well trained 

11. How to join your classes? 

Register for a free trial on our website and our team will reach you for further steps 

12. How frequently will you conduct the Parent Teacher Meetings?

It will be conducted once per month

Customer Experience

1. How to report an issue?

Visit our contact page on our website to send us a message

2. Can I have a dedicated Customer Experience agent?


3. How quickly can we expect the resolution?

The issue will be resolved within 2 days of reporting

4. Can we reach out to you any time?

Yes, you can reach out to us at anytime

5. Is there a possibility to track my kid’s activities online?