Data & AI Talks


This competition is designed to encourage young minds of Hyderabad to think creatively about the futuristic technologies and present their creative ideas on Data and AI products or services.

AI Is Not Just Our Future.
It Is Now Our Present Also!

We think AI is our future. The fact is we are already using AI. But in the future our life will be more integrated with AI systems, AI Voice Bots, AI Cars, AI Robots and many more devices and gadgets will be available for humans to perform their activities in a better and easier way.

The capabilities of AI systems are growing in multifolds {} being at the forefront of the Data and AI industry and having a deep understanding of the role these technologies will play in the future. We believe that companies of the future will require more creative thinkers who have an edge in mathematics, data, machine learning, and AI systems.

About the Competition

Data and AI Talks, is an inter-school competition for students of grade 5 to 10. The aim is to inspire the next generation of tech leaders to think about the potential of data and artificial intelligence in creating innovative products and services. Our goal is to encourage students to explore these cutting-edge technologies and come up with creative and impactful ideas that can make a positive difference in the world.

Participating students will be required to present their innovative ideas for data and AI products or services.

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Exciting Prizes for the Winners of
Data & AI Talks Competition

{} is proud to offer a range of exciting and valuable prizes for the winners and runners-up.

data and ai talks first prize - ipad

Apple Ipad

Fit Bit Sense 2 Watch

Certificate of Recognition

Participating Schools