Data & AI Talks

This competition is designed to encourage young minds to think creatively about the futuristic technologies and present their creative ideas on Data and AI products or services.

AI Is Not Just Our Future.
It Is Now Our Present Also!

We think AI is our future. The fact is we are already using AI. But in the future our life will be more integrated with AI systems, AI Voice Bots, AI Cars, AI Robots and many more devices and gadgets will be available for humans to perform their activities in a better and easier way.

The capabilities of AI systems are growing in multifolds {} being at the forefront of the Data and AI industry and having a deep understanding of the role these technologies will play in the future. We believe that companies of the future will require more creative thinkers who have an edge in mathematics, data, machine learning, and AI systems.

About the Competition

Data and AI Talks, a competition for students of grade 5 to 10. The aim is to inspire the next generation of tech leaders to think about the potential of data and artificial intelligence in creating innovative products and services. Our goal is to encourage students to explore these cutting-edge technologies and come up with creative and impactful ideas that can make a positive difference in the world.

Participating students will be required to present their innovative ideas for data and AI products or services in the first round of the competition. The winner of this round will then be invited to participate in the second round, where they will have the opportunity to present their idea in front of a big audience.

Not only will this competition provide students with a platform to showcase their talents and gain recognition, but it will also give them an opportunity to develop skills that will be useful in their future careers. The competition will be open to all students of grade 5-10, and the winners of the competition will be awarded with exciting prizes.

Data & AI Talks

Data & AI Talks
Competition Details

The competition is open to all students from grades 5 to 10


To Participate in the competition their is no registration fee


The competition will be held at students' school campus

Data and AI Talks
Across Multiple Cities!



31st July, 2023


25th August, 2023


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Data & AI Competition Series:

From Participation to Victory

  • Eligibity Check

    The students are divided into groups based on their grades. To ensure that the competition is fair and that the students are competing against others who are at a similar level of knowledge and skill.

    - Group 1: Grade 5 and 6

    - Group 2:  Grade 7 and 8

    - Group 3: Grade 9 and 10

  • Free Registration


    To participate in the competition, students must fill a form. Click on the link to fill the registration form.

    Registration Form

  • Round 1 of Competition


    Students have to come up with their own ideas for AI products or services. 


    Once their ideas have been fully fleshed out, participants must craft a comprehensive document, consisting of at least 500 words, that clearly explains the problem their proposed solution aims to address. 


    Also the students have to prepare a corresponding presentation that includes visual elements such as charts, diagrams, and images to help illustrate their ideas.


    Following which, students will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas in a formal presentation within their school.

  • Evaluation of Round 1


    The winners of Round 1 will be those students whose ideas demonstrate the greatest potential for positive impact in the field of data and AI. These individuals will have successfully communicated their vision, engaged the audience, and demonstrated the skill and knowledge necessary to make their idea a reality.

  • Prize Distribution for Round 1 Winners


    - Both the winners of the first round of the competition from each group will receive a winning certificate and medal as prizes


    - All the participants will get a participation certificate

  • Round 2 of Competition


    After the conclusion of Round 1 of the Data and AI Talks competition, the winners will be invited to the host school for an epic showdown in Round 2. This is where the best of the best will come together to compete and showcase their incredible ideas and talent.

  • Evaluation of Round 2


    The competition in round 2 will be intense and thrilling, the winners of Round 1 will present their ideas to a panel of expert judges, who will evaluate their ideas based on a set of established criteria, such as:


    - Creativity and Originality of the idea

    - Quality of the research

    - Clarity of the presentation

    - Confidence and

    - The potential impact of the idea on the industry

  • Talks by Data & AI Industry Experts


    The "Data and AI Talks" Competition is honored to have a distinguished group of industry experts in data and AI as our esteemed guests. These experts are at the forefront of the field and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. They will be giving speeches and engaging in discussions that will enlighten students about the possibilities and potential of AI, as well as its future applications and advancements.

  • Prize Distribution


    {} is proud to offer a range of exciting and valuable prizes for the winners and runners-up of "Data and AI Talks" Competition

Exciting Prizes for the Winners of
Data & AI Talks Competition

{} is proud to offer a range of exciting and valuable prizes for the winners and runners-up.

data and ai talks first prize - ipad

Apple Ipad

Smart Watch

Certificate of Recognition

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Champs gear up and start thinking of
the next big AI solution!

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