You Hate Math But Math is Fun if you Know the Secret to it.

You Hate Math? But Math is Fun if you Know the Secret to it.

I believe it starts with the very word “problem”. Most people assume “Math” as a problem when it should have been introduced as a “puzzle” especially in the lower grades before math phobia sets in. For instance, rock climbing, playing basketball, or any game or task you plan to complete on time is merely Math.

Why do people always associate Math with boring numbers especially when it is more than meets the eye? Math can be creative and fun if we apply unconventional methods and tricks to learn and comprehend the concepts. 

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Math may seem boring and difficult to understand but if we introduce the subject entirely in a different spectrum the fear will transform into the discovery of everything around us and its resonance to math.

I would love to share one of my recent experiences with a second-grade kid who excels in math and sometimes I feel like he may outrun me when it comes to addition and subtraction like he does every calculation in his mind that too in a matter of seconds and you won’t believe he loves to solve puzzles, his current favorite is Thousand Island.

Even researchers have claimed that kids who are fond of solving puzzles at a young age tend to perform better at later stages of their lives as it stimulates their logical thinking.

How Can We Make Kids Believe Math is Fun Too?

How Can We Make Kids Believe Math Can be Fun Too

Math is the basic foundation for various things happening around us for instance why fractions are relatable to cooking your favorite recipe or baking a mouth-watering chocolate cake for your loved ones or how integers can be found in your lift showing which floor you’re supposed to go so that you don’t end up stuck at the wrong underground level like me…

Apart from that most kids are accustomed to playing online video games and many more which definitely requires problem-solving skills if we closely pay attention.

Similarly, introducing puzzles also makes kids explore information solely by themselves, for example, what part of the information is crucial in the respective stages, how can we simplify or break down the solutions into a number of steps, and which strategy is favored over others.

It’s like we are driving kids to utilize their potential to the fullest hence, allowing them to create brainstorming ideas and tricks for achieving their desired results.

Math is More than Meets the Eye

Math is More than Meets the Eye

We often assume that math is only about counting numbers…like counting money or spending money, telling accurate time, or simply measuring ingredients while cooking.

Whereas math is not merely about numbers it is said to be a language…a language where numbers play a role of vocabulary to articulate absolute ideas of our world. One of the aptest ways to enhance kids’ ability to creatively use and share their ideas with others is puzzles.

Puzzles make kids incorporate together their hands and minds to discover and explore challenges irrespective of the end results of success or failure. They don’t feel restricted or judged which helps in bringing forth their true talents.

They start developing new strategies for solving the puzzles, with every new opportunity they build new plans with the intention of improvising the outcome.

Math Jokes to Make Kids Fall in Love with Math

math jokes

1 . Why is the geometry book so adorable?

I suppose because it has acute angles.

2. Which tables are you allowed not to study?

Dinner tables…

3. What will be the swimmer’s favorite type of math?

Dive- ision!

4. Do you think monsters are good at math?

Definitely no!!! Unless you count Dracula. 

5. Last but not least. what is a math teacher’s most favorite season?


Fine, I admit I was a bit corny there but as you are aware math isn’t always the most exciting subject to study and practice. This means we as educators require innovative ideas to make the process of learning fun and enjoyable. For instance, introducing any complex concept with relevant silly jokes and puns to make kids laugh like crazy and changing the tense atmosphere of the classroom.

Moreover math jokes will help in lightening the mood and brightening the vibes of the dull classroom. Apart from that, these can really facilitate both teaching and learning lessons leading to enhancing their remembering capability. Kids can make use of these math jokes as key devices to remember vividly how to solve different problems. 

6 Easy Ways to Make Math Class Fun

There are plethora of ways to transform the mundane math class into an exciting and thrilling class apart from corny math jokes. For example,

1. Passion Hour

In this hour students can be allowed to explore the topic of math they are interested in.

They are responsible for exploring, researching and presenting their perception and learnings in front of others. As an educator one can assign a time period for the kids to study and work on their passion projects during their spare time. We should not impose deadlines on them as it restricts their creativity.

The main purpose of passion hour is to provide freedom of thinking and allow students to express themselves freely.

This will have a positive impact on their mindset leading to creativity blooming and motivating them to take charge of their education.

2. Personalized Learning Measures

Personalized Learning Measures

It is known as flipped classroom where students’ homework and lesson timings are interchanged so that they can spend their time at home researching over materials which can be useful through videos or recordings of the lessons. This Actually implies that kids will come to school prepared to ask questions and clarify their doubts and confusions during class time.

This will enable them to learn at their own pace and will encourage them to participate more in the class. On top of that their class time will be spent in upgrading their knowledge rather than listening to lectures explaining basic concepts.

3. Entertainment Packed with Math Concepts

“The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets”, the most popular Tv show of all time, an animated comedy, had a writing staff filled with advanced math degrees.

Just imagine one of the iconic successful animated series was factually created by mathematicians thus, breaking the stereotype view about math as not fun or humorless. For instance “ Dora the explorer” an animation Tv show depicts an interactive journey of Dora and her encounters teaching kids how to count, read, share and be kind to others.

4. The Relationship of Math and Puzzles

The Relationship of Math and Puzzles

You may be pondering what puzzles have to do with mathematics. Well, let me shed some more light on this topic. The skills the kids employ in acquiring and analyzing key information in successfully solving puzzles indirectly allow them to explore and discover possibilities and find problems and execute various solutions all by themselves.

They have complete freedom to try whatever they think makes sense, instead blindly following others’ instructions for successful completion. Puzzles are kind of exciting tasks required to examine, engage, and create accurate answers. These skills if not being called mathematical skills then what else will be called? The cherry on the cake is that kids find solving puzzles exciting and fun.

5. Gaming is all about Math

Gaming is all about Math

To be honest, two years ago I used to hate playing online games as I felt they were too boring and time-consuming.

I was basically fazed by the addiction to games in the life of almost every individual ranging from 7 years old to any age…By the time I realized that math and games are two peas in a pod, it was too late as I had already given up indulging myself in brain-wrecking games. Technically games simply couldn’t work without math.

For instance, let us assume a character has to walk a slope, fire a bullet or even hop from one height to another without calculating the length, speed, distance or trajectory, no character won’t be able to function.

Even the most basic levels of the games are based on math concepts. Math is the integral component of gaming recipes. 

6. Math an Art Motivated by Beauty

Math an Art Motivated by Beauty

Math can be found in arts including music, dance, painting, sculptures, architecture and even fashion. Evidently math and art have had a long history dating back to 4th century BC. Use of golden ratio (a + b) in ancient art and architecture.

Symmetries can be seen in Persian and Moroccan textile art. Also, many Italian paintings and Greek sculptors were inspired by mathematical concepts such as “ Euclid’s Ideas, recursion, linear perspective and the “Wireframe drawing of a vase as an example of solid revolution by Famous Paola Uccello in 15th century” are few of the notable contributions based on the math.


Math can also be fun if the right strategy is followed by the teachers. Associating puzzles, math jokes, and various exciting elements into our lessons will drastically transform kids’ perceptions of math.

Kids will start perceiving math concepts as fun and memorable. Studies have also suggested that 40 to 60 percent of high school students appear to be disengaged. Evidently, student participation is of key importance in addressing issues such as low confidence, boredom, least interest in achievements, and alienation.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to showcase math in a different light and help students overcome their fear of math, and enable them to experience real math.  The math++ program offered by {igebra.ai} plays a significant role in making math more enjoyable and interesting for kids via online math classes.

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