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What is Nano Learning and Why is it Important for Kids?

Have you ever realized you are reading about how to install an app from the play store, or finding a meaning to a phrase is nothing but nano learning? The new-age learning method is recommended by many educators for everyone, majorly focusing on kids. This method is fun and a refreshing way to learn about a topic in less than 30 seconds. We all have been nano learners throughout our lives.

What is Nano Learning?

Nano learning is a kind of instant learning, learning about a topic in small portions consisting of 2- 3 learning objectives. Each portion of information about the topic can be learned in less than 30 seconds. Nano learning can be about any topic related to kids’ curriculum, or anything in general like “how to create an account on social media.”. It is generally preferred through electronic media, where one learns about a topic without the presence of a real-time instructor.

Often nano learning and microlearning are used interchangeably, but nano learning is a subset of microlearning. Microlearning is learning about a topic in smaller portions, focusing on a specific learning objective, and is generally for formal reasons. It generally takes around 2-5 minutes to learn and understand the topic. Whereas, nano learning is a miniature version of learning a topic in less than a minute focusing on 2 to  3 learning objectives. Also, it is mostly for informational purposes, for example reading on how to change the font size of your phone text. Hence, nano learning is a subset of microlearning.

Why Nano Learning for Kids?

Studies show that a kid starts retaining memory only after the age of 3. So teaching kids about topics in smaller portions can help them retain topics more effectively and would not affect the kids’ memory with too much information. Similarly, researchers stated that the attention span of 4th-grade kids ranges from 5 minutes to 20 minutes only. Keeping this in focus, class duration at the majority of schools is not more than 30 minutes.

Let us view how nano learning can benefit our kids:

Benefits of Nano Learning for kids

  • Kids can refine their knowledge about future developments: Nano learning can help kids on educating themselves about the shifts and changes in technology and topics that will require their attention for the future.
  •  It can help in an in-depth understanding of concepts: Nano learning focuses on not more and 2 to 3 learning objectives at a time, this can help kids to understand the concepts in smaller portions at a deeper level, that can further lay a solid foundation for understanding complex concepts in future. For example, understanding grammar can help you write an article, letter, or any other document well.
  • It is time-saving and convenient for kids: Nano learning comes in different forms like e-learning, small animated videos, not more than 2 minutes, images, and many more. So kids can learn the meaning of a word or how to tie shoelaces on the go.
  • Helps kids with self-exploration of concepts: Kids are always curious about learning new things and exploring topics irrespective of their curriculum, nano learning provides kids this flexibility to learn concepts, through electronic media. Some sources create small modules for kids to understand concepts and to encourage nano learning.
  • Learning can be fun: Reading plain text can sound un-interesting for kids’, rather nano learning provides a scope of learning concepts in small portions through visualization, that can create curiosity in kids towards learning more. 
  • Helps kids’ overall development: The scope of nano learning is not restricted to the formal curriculum but is more to it. Kids through nano learning get aware of a wide range of topics from day-to-day scenarios that help kids in their overall development through current affairs, fun facts, and other areas that can help boost kids’ logical, reasoning side along with their creative side.
  • Helps kids with exam preparation: A recent survey concluded that around 25% of the parents said that their mental health had been affected by the pressure of their kids’ exams. A study conducted by American Test Anxiety Association results that around 16 – 20 % of students have test anxiety. One of the reasons for their anxiety can be the huge syllabus for exams. Nano learning is splitting concepts into smaller portions to learn them faster and better. Kids can split their entire portion for exams into smaller chunks and study them in-depth for a better understanding. This can prove to be effective, studies suggest reading and learning in smaller portions can reduce the cognitive load for kids and thereby boost their memory for better performance at exams.


For kids willing to learn and grow, nano learning is one technique that will help them to achieve their goals faster, better, and with efficiency.

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