10 Ways To Make Math Interesting

10 Ways To Make Math Interesting

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A fun math class can make math interesting. The teaching method applied in a math class makes math interesting for the students. However, students’ response to the question about math class and making math interesting is negative. Studies show a majority of the students opt for other fields to escape math with the assumption that math is uninteresting.

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It is possible to make math interesting using fun ways. It is important to address the reasons why students feel math is boring as it provides a view of the blockages in making math interesting and engaging for students. Here are a few reasons listed below why students feel math is boring and interesting to learn.

Reasons Why Students Feel Math is Boring

asons Why Students Feel Math is Boring

1. Math is Abstract

Math is considered abstract by most students. With formulas, and theorems confusing students, math demands immense practice and requires students to dedicate a lot of time. With a lot of attention and focus essential to succeed students feel it impossible to make maths interesting.

2. Lack of Real-Life Application Of Concepts

Often in math class students are taught concepts based on academics without any reference to their application in real life. The inability of students to apply math concepts in real life fails the scope of making maths interesting.

3. Unconventional Teaching Methods

The new age students are fascinated by the technologies used in life. The orthodox classroom teaching applied in math class lacks the potential to make math interesting for students. 

4. False Assumptions About Scope Of Math

Students assume math class and concepts learned are not applicable beyond school examinations. Some students believe math is not essential in other fields and domains. With false assumptions, students fail to invest their interest in understanding math, concluding it tedious and impossible to make math interesting. 

5. No Scope For Creativity

In math class examples of calculating the speed of a train can make students believe there is no room for creativity in math. Students with creative interests show minimal or no interest in math and proclaim it to be tedious and absurd. However, it is undeniable that there is scope for making math interesting. 

With various reasons by students to debate that math is boring, there are arguments that math class can be fun, and it is possible to make math interesting. 

It requires a shift in the perception to make math interesting and math class enjoyable.


10 Ways To Make Math Interesting

Here are ten exciting ways to make math interesting and enjoy every math class like never before: 

10 Ways To Make Math Interesting

1. Simply Math By Understanding the Beauty Of Math

Math is assumed non-realistic and tough to understand. It is easy to simplify math by understanding the beauty of math. Math is everywhere in our life starting with vast technologies to the minute of cells. Math class can define the beauty of math by making students curious to learn more about math. This curiosity drives students to feel math interesting and engaging. 

2. Learn Application Based Math

The concept of relativity in math class can make math interesting. Learning and applying math concepts in real life can help students make math interesting. For example, understanding Geometry through architecture or sports can make math interesting.

{igebra.ai} offers a math++ program introducing {ipi}Buddies that teach math with realistic examples, and live interactive math classes making math interesting and super fun to engage & learn math.

3. Personify Math Using Fictional Characters

Use fictional characters, animated videos, or stories to understand math concepts. Studies show that learning concepts through animations and fictional characters can improve the cognitive skills and memory of students. Fictional Characters and animations can make math interesting and exciting to learn.

4. Visualize Math Problems

In math class with word problems describing upstream-downstream boats, calculating the speed of a train can be tedious and non-exciting for students. Visualizing such problems can help students understand the problem better by making math interesting and engaging. Visualization also helps students understand math concepts like Geometry and Trigonometry by making math interesting and surprisingly fun! 

5. Math Games

With advanced technology on the rise, students are given various math games that are fun to play and provide a learning opportunity to overcome the limitations of a traditional math class. Math games can be a way of making math interesting for students and enjoying the game too. A few popular math games are: Bingo, Hopscotch math, 101 and Out, and The Business Game are a few examples of popular math games. 

6. Learn Math Through Programming

Students interested in programming languages can make math interesting by integrating math into programming. Algebra is used in Computer programming to design and develop software and algorithms for the computer to function. Learning math through programming makes math interesting. It also improves the programming skills of students. Hence, students learning math through programming is a win-win situation!

{igebra.ai} offers students an opportunity to make math interesting by designing math patterns through programming.

7. Integrate Math Along With Your Favorite Subjects

Students’ interest in science, arts, and other fields other than math can integrate math into their favorite subjects. Math allows students to integrate math into all fields and domains. For example, a student interested in arts can integrate math in architecture and painting using different math patterns like the Fibonacci series. A student interested in music can use math to form a sequence of numbers and learn sequencing problems. A student interested in cooking can use math in measuring the ingredients. Integrating math into various subjects can make math interesting and engage them with curiosity! 

8. Teach Your Friends

Teaching your friend is fun and also a great way of making math interesting for both you and your friend. It clears your doubts and makes math interesting to study and practice together.

9. Utilize Math Concepts In Real- Life

Applying math in real life can make math interesting and life easy. Students can apply math in managing money in a piggy bank, while baking, calculating the distance traveled every day, and calculating the number of rotations of the cycle wheel while cycling. Students applying maths in real life can make math interesting and improve their other skills such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and decision-making skills. Hence, utilizing the concepts learned in math class can make math interesting and enjoyable for students.

10. Play Fun Math Activities

It is possible to make math interesting by playing fun math games. Various games across platforms improve math skills by making math interesting and pleasing. Sudoku is a popular math game that requires players to have strong arithmetic skills. This game can be a fun way to improve math. Math activities can include math puzzles, even-odd games, and prime number sequencing can be some fun activities that are recommended in a math class that can make math interesting.

Following these ten ways, students can be guaranteed to enjoy their math class by making math interesting. 


A math class can be educational by making math interesting following proper ways guided by experienced mentors. {igebra.ai} offers the right balance with an environment making math interesting and pleasing for students. 

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