Top 7 Tips For Kids Who Fear Math

Many kids around the world fear math, and yes, I was one of them. Have you ever wondered why kids fear math and what is the reason that they always try escaping from it every time? There is no one reason for that, reasons can differ from person to person sometimes it comes genetically also. It may sound funny but it’s true. It may sound like a very big issue, but it’s not and you can easily handle this as a parent. Especially when kids are in junior classes because if the basics are clear the foundation will be stronger.

Here are some tips that can help you:

  1. Give some time to your kids – As a working parent, this might be possible that you are unable to spend much time with them, and you are not paying much attention. So make sure you spend some quality time with your kid and understand where he/she is lacking behind, and reflect upon their weak points. If you are very busy then hiring a tutor is a good option.
  2. Talk positively about Math – If your kid is facing anxiety towards math that may be because you were also having math phobia in your childhood so make sure you are not passing this to your child. Maintain a positive attitude whenever you’re having a conversation with your kid.
  3. Have math conversations as a couple – Sometimes as a parent, we can pass on so many learnings to our kid. Because whatever you talk with your spouse they are always listening, so try to talk about some expense that you made recently or maybe some profit that you earned in your business. By this, your kid will start imagining numbers in his mind which is a good sign.
  4. Practice! Practice! Practice! – Practice makes a man perfect and that’s not false. Instead of loading them up with the formula and lots of concepts try to focus on one concept at a time and practice that again and again with different examples till the time they are clear with it.
  5. Follow their Pace – Every kid has their own understanding level so try to follow along with their speed of learning. It might take longer for them to understand but understanding things is much more important than running harsh on them. And stop comparing as well, because this will increase their fear of math, just believe in them and always be positive.
  6. Relate things with the real world – When you relate things to the real world they understand faster, and they will also come to know why math is so important. They will come to know that it’s just not limited to textbooks, it helps in solving real-world challenges as well.
  7. Take them out for shopping – This one is my favourite, take your kid out for shopping and let them buy something that they like. And ask them to calculate the amount that he/she needs to pay and what amount should come back in return. At first, they might find it difficult but this will help them to understand more.

Math is not a subject that you can cram or copy from here and there, it is something that needs understanding the concept and applying it into the real world.

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