Careers inspired by Math++

Top 15 Career Paths Inspired by Math++

Kids who enjoy solving brain-triggering math problems, finding data in everything they do, and who are keen on AI are math++ kids. Kids who are future-ready with interest in these areas are highly in demand by companies for the upcoming future.

Math++ is a program that integrates Math + Data and AI Thinking to guide kids for the future and help them learn concepts that are considered gold by 2050.

Here are 15 Top Career Paths for Kids Inspired by Math++:

  • Aerospace Designer: Kids keen on using mathematical calculations for designing rockets, spaceships should pursue a career in aeronautical engineering. With major functions related to space exploration, this is one of the careers inspired by math++.
  • Cryptographer: A Cryptographer or cryptologist are one who writes an algorithm to protect third-party data. It is crucial to protect data from the immense threat of data theft. A cryptographer is one of the best careers inspired by math++ for kids.
  • Economist: Predicting the economy by analyzing data about agriculture, natural resources, calculating the capital accumulation, and many more fields and regions that affect the economy. A recent study shows a growth rate in this job field by 13% by the end of 2030. 
  • Machine Learning Expert: An ML expert writes an algorithm for solving problems that might arise in a business. ML Experts write algorithms that introduce changes into the software based on the requirement of the business. With such an exciting role, ML Expert counts onto the list of careers inspired by math++ 
  • Game Designers: Kids who love AI and Machine Learning can curate algorithms and create games that require writing a code for simulation of the games and can add a touch of AI for a better gameplay experience. According to a recent study, there is an increase in the rate for job roles like Game Designers, Special Effects Animators by 16% by the end of 2030. With such immense job opportunities for kids’ Game Designers hops onto the list of careers inspired by math++
  • Operations Research Analyst: Operations Research Analysts obtain training in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. OR Analysts provide solutions to problems and lay down guidelines for similar problems that can be encountered in the future. Operations Research Analyst made its impact in the federal government, the US Armed Forces, manufacturing, finance, and insurance sectors. With such a huge demand, OR analysts add to the list of careers inspired by math++.
  • Data Scientist: A person who extracts necessary details from data and adds value to it. Analyzing data from sources and building AI tools are a few of their functions. Their duties include designing ML tools that can churn data into insights. With such mind-boggling work in place, it creates its place in the list of careers inspired by math++.
  • Interior Designer: With innovation and technology taking over all fields, interior designers use 3D tools to sketch, and AI can help them design houses, build architectural designs virtually.
  • Applications Architect: Tracking and supervising the operations within the company and understanding users’ interaction with the company. It is one of the highest-paid data science jobs in India. It is also fast-paced in terms of Career Development.
  • Fashion Designer: AI suggests clothes, designs, colors based on customers’ height, weight, personality, and preferences. Building software that can suggest and guide clients over their purchase preferences. AI is also used in designing dresses, costumes virtually before tailoring the cloth into pieces.
  • Statistician: The function of statisticians is to collect, analyze, and interpret data, thereby supporting the decision-making process. An exciting career dealing with numbers, mathematical calculations, graphs, and many more.
  • Software Developer: They design and introduce changes to the existing algorithms that best suit the problems encountered. To design and create changes in algorithms, kids must have thorough control over different programming languages. Math++ helps kids by providing detailed explanations of scientific concepts that can help them to learn programming from an early age. This interesting career marked its place in our list of careers inspired by math++ for kids.
  • Computer Scientist:  They create functions of a device. A computer learns to solve logical and mathematical problems through mathematical models that are designed by computer scientists for the effective and effortless functioning of the device. To design and curate a model that can help a machine make mathematical calculations for the future, kids must have adequate mathematical skills. Math++ offers the right way to teach kids to improve and upgrade their mathematical skills along with programming skills.
  • Market Researcher: A recent study suggests that jobs like creating content, conducting market research will be automated by AI applications. Robots will take over such jobs. The program for the functioning of these robots will be created by Machine Learning Experts. With this career taking over the future jobs as predicted, Market Research Analyst secures its position in the list of careers inspired by math++
  • Automobile Designing and Assembly: Automobiles with the latest, Technology and features are in huge demand. AI is used by MNCs to supply the demand by faster designing and production of hardware parts and their assembly. Math++ brings the right balance in kids by offering math along with Data and AI Thinking, which is required to grow and sustain with the changes in demand and supply chain.


The above mentioned are just a few careers that are bullish in the current scenario and are expected to rise more in the future. Many other careers can add a whole new experience to kids in their future. Irrespective of what the future has to offer, Math++ program enriches kids with all the essential skills that are required to sustain the future with ease!

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