Top 13 Math Games for Middle School Students

Top 13 Math Games for Middle School Students

Educational math games help children understand concepts and expand their knowledge. The more kids play, the more motivated they get to learn. 

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Playing math games has become a way to make math subjects interesting for kids, but the games must ensure building the required skills and concepts. There are different types of fun games to play, such as online fun games and offline math games to help kids with their math skills. 

If your child struggles with math subjects, every lesson taught in the classroom and doing homework is the biggest challenge they have to work through daily.

But if they are learning math with some extra creativity and math games, which make their lessons delightful, making math concepts fun with some math activities will make kids interested in them rather than seeing math as a fearful subject. 

What is Game-Based Learning?

Game-based learning is a teaching method that makes use of game activities to help kids learn in mathematics class. It makes the learning process more interesting, and the outcomes are good compared to book learning.

Educational math games help children understand concepts and expand their knowledge. The more kids play, the more motivated they get to learn. 

The most important thing about game-based learning is that kids from preschool to middle school and beyond can rely on it.

Learning with math games helps all kinds of students learn the concepts.

Top 13 Math Games for Middle School Students

Does Playing Math Games Help Kids in Learning?

Yes, playing maths games helps kids to learn better. People of all ages are drawn to online fun games without even knowing that they are learning.

Games give kids the chance to explore basic concepts such as shapes, number systems, addition, subtraction, patterns, multiplication, probability, fractions, etc. 

Engaging in math games in kids’ education encourages kids to explore concepts in a fun way.

The more they play, the stronger their skills become. They can further deepen their mathematical reasoning and understanding.

Top 13 Math Games for Middle School Students

There are fun math games that can help in your child’s educational journey. Here are a few games that help you in making your kids’ learning process interesting.

1. Chess

Chess is the most fantastic game out of all the math games. It is a 2-player game activity, which is a mandatory school activity too.

Many schools and colleges offer chess clubs as an extracurricular activity. It is said that playing chess can be a great help to a kid in terms of education and critical thinking.

2. Skyjo

Skyjo is a colorful and entertaining game that keeps kids highly active. The game takes about 30 minutes to complete and is played by 2–8 players. We can say that Skyjo is an educational mathematics game that increases concentration and speeds learning.

It involves adding 2-digit numbers, negative numbers, and combinations. It is a great way to make your kids practice math without them realizing it.

3. Five Crowns

Five Crowns is a highly addictive card game. Five Crowns is a 7-player game that involves logic, addition, subtraction, probability, and critical thinking. They are also affordable and travel-friendly, so you can carry them with you everywhere and make your kids play with them. 

4. Mastermind

Let me tell you, it’s a code-breaking game for every kid. It’s a simple game but is a great challenge for all age groups of kids. Mastermind is a logic, strategy, and reasoning game. When kids play this game, they will be working on combinations and permutations.

If your kid already excels at combinations, then you can try to take it to the next level by asking them to figure out how many possible combinations are possible with four peg spaces and six colors.

5. Tri- Ominos

Tri-Ominous is a game that is a triangular tile-placement domino-style. It is one of the math games that requires strategical thinking to score more.

It also involves mental math while playing the game. Tri-Ominous is one of the math games that develop critical thinking and strategy planning in kids.

6. The Around Game

The around game is all about a mind-on activity, using a ball to practice all the math skills. First, select a topic or concept and prepare questions accordingly.

Then, start passing the ball and ask the questions from your list when it stops. If a student answers incorrectly, you can pass the ball to the next kid. This game can be used as a math activity to practice the concepts. 

7. Simon Says

Simon says, is a fun game to play with all age groups of kids. Let’s use Simon Says in the process of improving kids’ understanding of basic geometry, as kids find geometry a bit tricky. Just like Simon, all the commands which are given by you require illustrations of shapes and angles using children’s hands. 

For example, ask kids to make angles of different degrees, such as 45, 60, 90, or parallel, perpendicular lines as well. Increase the speed of your commands until only one kid remains and is the winner of the game.

8. 101 or Out

By now, you’ve probably figured out that the goal of this game is to score 101 points, or else you’re out.

It can be one of the most fun math games to make kids play. The goal of this game is to make kids fluent in addition and multiplication. You need to divide the kids into two groups, giving them dice along with paper and a pencil. Groups will take turns rolling the dice, noting the face value, or multiplying it by 10. 

For example, kids who get 5 can keep the number the same or turn it into 50 by multiplying 5 by 10. It gives the kids encouragement to multiply or add the numbers.

9. The War

Yes, it’s the war, you know. Let’s give kids a mathematical twist on a traditional card game by playing it as a math activity. To start the game, pair the kids together and distribute a deck of cards to each team. Give the values as:

  • Two to Ten: Their Face Values
  • King- 13
  • Ace-1
  • Queen-12
  • Jack-11

Since it’s a math activity for middle school kids, as each team draws 2 cards, tell them to multiply the numbers. Whoever has the highest hand wins all four cards. 

10. Play Smart Dice

Play Smart Dice is a dice game that improves the math fluency of kids. Unlike the normal dice which we used in the past, Play Smart Dice are designed to make harder-to-learn number combinations.

Some number combinations are simply hard to learn and memorize. These special dice make it easy as it’s in a math game form. 

11. Math Football

Divide the kids into two teams to play math football. Another fun game to play that gives you total control of the questions is where you will pass the ball to one team and the other team will defend.

If the team with the ball scores a point, they get to answer a question. Only if they answer correctly does the point count. Make each team play until one reaches 10 points. 

12. Tang Math Games

Tang Math Games come in several math activities involving classroom packs and game packs.

These math games work like magic on specific math skills like mental math, strategic thinking, probability, etc. Tang Math Games are created by a math expert, Greg Tang.

13. Catan

Catan is a board game that can be played by 3 to 4 players. The games involve logical thinking and strategy, with a little luck thrown in. It can be a great way to teach and make your kids excel in probability.


These 13 math games will not only engage kids but help them develop their skills and knowledge related to math. Although the math games recommended above are for middle school students, little modification in the content can be used for lower or higher mathematics classes. 

Just like all the above-mentioned math games, {igebra.ai} along with their math++ program, has a unique teaching technique that is known as RobArt. It helps kids understand and learn the concepts better in real-life situations. 

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All math games are equally fun, but these are some fun math games that are popular among kids:

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  • Chess
  • Mastermind
  • Prodigy
  • Skyjo
  • Five Crowns

The best online math games:

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