7 Proven Tips to Score Well in Math Exam.

7 Proven Tips to Score Well in Math Exam.

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Math is considered a scoring subject at school. However, studies show about 80% of the students fear the subject of math. Math is considered a living nightmare for most students. Students can ace the Math exam of numbers with proper planning and implementation.

Proven Tips to Score Well in Math Exam

Math requires immense dedication and hard work from the side of students to score well in math. Math can tremor your nerves before an exam. Proper preparation and commitment can help you score well in math. Often students undergo math anxiety before a maths exam.

Even after dedicated preparation math anxiety causes forgetfulness in students. It is crucial to overcome the fear of math to score well in math. Out of fear, irrespective of the efforts made, math anxiety can weaken your performance leading to scoring fewer marks on the Math exam. 

Math exams can be an intimidating experience for many students. However, a proper revision strategy can help them ace the game of numbers.

How to Score Well in Math Exam:

Here are a few tips that can help students score well in math.

How to Score Well in Math Exam

1. Write All Formulas In A Paper:

Formulas must be written correctly, as it carries marks. Even if the final answer is wrong, marks are awarded for the correct formulas. Hence, writing the correct formulas without errors can help students score well in math. To remember, students are advised to write all the formulas on a paper during their preparation. It can help them revise a day before their exam.

2. Solve Previous Years’ Papers Sums:

Practicing questions from previous years can help students score well in math. On observing the paper pattern it is noted that the questions are frequent. Even if students lack preparation for the entire syllabus, practicing previous years’ questions can help them understand the type of questions that are asked in the exam.

Preceding years’ papers also help students get a gist of the essential topics covered. Hence, Practicing these questions can help students score well in math. 

3. Focus On Important Topics:

Topics like Geometry, Trigonometry, and Quadratic Equations carry more marks in a maths exam. Students are advised to focus more on the topics that carry more weight to score well in math exams.

A student not so good in math can manage to score well on the exam. By preparing for the essential topics that cover the questions most frequently asked in Math exams.

4. Avoid Last Minute Preparation:

It is observed students study new topics a day before the exam comparing themselves to their classmates. However, it results in unnecessary anxiety and forgetfulness. It is better to avoid the last-minute preparation of new topics to score well in math examinations.

5. Focus On Graphs Plotting:

Apart from deriving equations, it is important to plot the graphs accurately with all the required coordinates of the equations. Deriving the entire equation and properly coordinating the coordinate can help students score well in math. Also, as per the curriculum, graph questions are easy and more scoring when compared to other topics in math.

6. Carry Your Stationery:

Carry your stationery like the geometry box, and scale, necessary for your maths exam. Avoid borrowing stationery during your exam, and focus more on solving the questions

7. Time Management:

The concept of time management can be best understood during a math exam. The secret to scoring well in a maths exam is managing your time properly in the exam hall. Students must spend a lot more time on the questions they are confident in. Answering the questions that you are not so confident about in the end.

Solving the questions you are not too averse to can confuse, and nervousness leading to panicking and not attempting the questions perfectly known. It is also advised not to juggle in between the questions to avoid mistakes and confusion. Thus, proper time management can help you score well in math exams.

Tips For Paper Presentation:

Apart from preparing well for an exam, students must focus on their paper presentation to score well in math. If students solve all the questions but present the paper untidy can irk the teacher correcting the paper. Students can follow these basic tips while presenting their answer sheets in the exam. Tips for paper presentation are stated as follows:

Tips For Paper Presentation:

1. Write All The Steps Clearly:

In subjects like math, apart from the final answer, each step used to derive the answer also carries marks equally. Students must write down each step while solving the problems as it helps them score well in math.

2. Draw Angles And Graphs Neatly:

Diagrams like angles and graphs must be drawn neatly using a pencil and scale. Untidy diagrams can reduce your chances to score well in math exams.

3. Attempt All Questions:

Students must attempt all the questions as attempting the questions with steps partially correct can add value to your answer sheet and help score well in math. 

4. Avoid Scribbling:

A good presentation helps the teacher correct the answer sheet, evaluate, and award marks to the questions solved. Often students scribble with lines to cancel steps or the errors made while solving the problems. That is to be avoided by students to score well in math.

5. Highlight Your Final Answers:

Highlighting your answers can help the teacher evaluate your paper without any confusion, thus allowing you to score well in math exams. 

6. Show Your Rough Work Neatly:

The rough work of each solution must be along with the answer. As rough work provided shows the teacher the level of the student’s understanding of the problem, helping you score well in math.


Students can score well in math through commitment and proper paper presentation. Math can get overwhelming, however, understanding and learning Math in fun ways can help you not just score well in math but also add value to your life.

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