Teaching coding to kids

Teaching Kids Coding With igebra.ai

I know that you people must be wondering what is {igebra.ai}, well yes that question is obvious, let me explain to you about it. {Igebra.ai} is nothing but it’s a medium by which we are teaching kids math and coding. Yes, that might not sound interesting to you because this has become a trend since the pandemic started and there are a lot of EdTech companies available online. But I can make sure that after reading this article you will see igebra.ai with some other perspective.

 ai means that we are mixing art and intelligence to make it easier for kids because when they indulge more in arts and fun it becomes easier for kids to learn. While having fun and playing games they push themselves higher to get the results and which makes it easier for them to understand and grasp things quickly. Coding along with studying helps in stimulating the critical thinking of kids and it also helps them to increase their problem-solving skills, when they push more to achieve the end goal they thrive more and learn more every single day without even realizing that they are studying. 

We have made learning much easier for kids while applying education, technology, and art together. And this means kids learn faster with the help of visualization and it makes them feel surprised from inside what all things a computer can do for us. And just imagine if your child is learning this much at this age what all possibilities will be there for his/her future, that will be tremendous. At {igebra.ai} we make sure that kids are having fun and they are not taking it as a very serious study, and this time can also be counted as playing time for them, where they are playing and learning altogether.

Combining Math and coding

Well for many children math can be a very hard subject and especially for people like me it’s really hard to study. But when I joined {igebra.ai} with all their concepts and the content that they are providing to kids it made me love Math, you know why? Because it’s all about how you present it, and when it comes to presenting things in the digital way {igebra.ai} is doing great.

As they value three main rules that are encouraging, engaging, and exciting to the kids so that they never take Math as a hard subject. So what is math++ ? It’s just a combination of math + data thinking and math + ai thinking, where just by learning simple concepts of math you can learn to apply in the coding environment. Because coding only becomes stronger when you have your basics clear which starts from math. And the best part is when you start you do not need to have any advanced knowledge or experience, even a small kid from 2nd grade can start learning the concepts that we are delivering for math and coding.

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