Score Well and Build Future Skills, {iPi} Interact Event at Rain Tree Park on Children’s Day

{igebra.ai} has conducted an {iPi} Interact event at Rain Tree Park, (Malaysian Township) Hyderabad on the occasion of Children’s Day i.e., 14th November, 2021.

We were very pleased to see 100+ amazing kids participating in the event. We had an exciting set of activities planned for them.

We kickstarted the event with a rocking {igebra.ai} theme song sung by Jane Monica. That struck a chord with the kids and they sang along with her joyfully. Our founder and CEO Mr. Srinivas Vemula along with all the directors of {igebra.ai} from across the globe had a short interaction with the kids and encouraged them to learn more, do more and become more. Later, we had a short presentation by Karuna, explaining the future world of AI and how math++ is at the core of these complex future technologies.

The presentation ignited curiosity in kids to explore more about math++. To inspire them furthermore, our math++ educators Narayana, Mahesh, Narmeen, Eshwari and Palak have conducted an {iPi}RobArt workshop for them to have a hands-on learning experience. {iPi}RobArt is a beautiful blend of math, computer science algorithms and design thinking. Kids have learned to create math art, patterns, games and animations using the programming language Scala. Kids have surprised us with their enthusiastic participation and creativity.

Following the workshop we conducted a fantastic online quiz organized by Ajay with exciting prizes. The quiz was divided into 3 segments and questions were based on Math, AI, & current trends in Technology. Kids were divided into 4 Teams based on their grades that they were studying in. Each group was given a name according to the names of the {iPi} Buddies. The names of the teams were Joy (1-3), Curiosity (4-5), Confidence (6-8) and Freedom (9-10) according to the grades.

Kids passionately participated in the quiz and had a wonderful time. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the Quiz and they were also awarded the Scholarship for our program. The participants of the quiz also received certificates along with goodies. 

Last but not least, We had a fun game planned for kids called the ‘statue game’, where kids danced along with the music as it was played and had to freeze when the music stopped. All of them were bubbling out of joy as they played the game. Refreshments were served to the kids & finally we ended the event with the {igebra.ai} theme song, and kids jumped in and hijacked the song with their groovy moves. 

We want to express our gratitude to the President of the Society for allowing us to conduct the event at Rain Tree Park for the betterment of the society’s kids.

We are indebted to our wonderful directors, Mr. Venkat and Mr. Chiranjeevi for leading the event, for their continuous support, and encouragement to do great things. We are also thankful to Ms. Parimala for coordinating the event and for her contribution towards it.

The event was a great success as we reached our goal to inspire kids and ignite curiosity in them. Overall the feedback we received from them was aspiring as it helped us to aim high and to conduct many more events in the future to raise a breed of Smart and Intelligent Kids who are ready for the future world of AI with Math++

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