Preparing for the Data and AI Talks Insights from the Orientation at Raj Kumar College, Raipur

Preparing for the Data and AI Talks: Insights from the Orientation at Raj Kumar College, Raipur

{igebra.ai} conducted an orientation session for the Data & AI Talks competition on 8th April 2023 at Raj Kumar College, Raipur, India, for students in grades 6, 7, and 8. This inter-school competition challenges students to present innovative AI product or service ideas that can help revolutionize the world we live in. The event was attended by over 500 students, who were eager to learn and participate.

At the orientation, the {igebra.ai} team explained to the students the basics of AI, how it works, and the details of the competition. The team emphasized the importance of human creativity in developing AI solutions that can make our lives easier and more efficient. While artificial intelligence is unstoppable, humans are the creators of AI and are superior in terms of creativity and innovation. All it takes is creative thinking, data thinking and AI thinking to create something truly remarkable.

The students showed great enthusiasm and excitement for the competition, and came up with some amazing AI-powered products and services that could help improve our lives. The team was delighted to see such innovative ideas and looks forward to the final submission of their ideas. The first round of competition will be held in June and the final round will be held on July 31st at the Host School N.H. Goel World School.

The coordinators and mentors of the competition were highly supportive and collaborative in helping the students learn and succeed. {igebra.ai} believes that events like these are a great opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and innovation in the field of AI.
The Data & AI Talks competition is just one way that {igebra.ai} is working towards this goal, by inspiring and encouraging young minds to explore the potential of AI.

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