Prejudices Against Math

There are so many misunderstandings and myths that make people create prejudice against Math. Most of the kids give up without even trying due to things filled in their heads. The first step towards finding a solution is finding the problem first. Let us talk about some of them so that we can solve them and aim towards a better future for the coming generation.

1. The Great Myth Of Math Gene 

Humankind has progressed this much to even find out that even our skill sets can be genetic. Different studies have confirmed that about 50% of learning ability comes from our DNA. This brings up the assumption that the kid is going to be automatically “bad” at Math if the parent is. However, genes and DNA are much more complicated than this. The genes that we have been called “generalist genes” do not target any particular skill set. This just means that these genes together determine a kid’s talent across multiple disciples and not particularly Math. Also what about the other 50% which is not related to genes, that totally depends on the hard work, confidence, and preparation of the kid. The great myth of the Math gene exists in a society that some have it and others don’t, so the people who have it are geniuses and only they understand and create formulas and equations, others who don’t, don’t have the gene is demotivating kids.

2. Boys Are Better At Math Than Girls

This myth is a family member of the first one. There is NO research that proves the myth that boys are naturally better at Math and girls are not. However, we often see girls giving up on the subject because of this negativity. This myth creates low self-confidence in girls subconsciously, hence they choose to avoid the subject and end up choosing other interests. Female role models like mothers and female teachers have a very big impact on a girl in choosing interests while growing up. 

3. Mathematicians Are Quick And Never Make Mistakes

To solve a new problem and learn new methods is always difficult and requires time. At the end of the day experienced professionals are also humans, the only difference is in their willingness to learn new things and to solve questions that are tough even for them and not give up even if they fail multiple times. They are only quick and never make mistakes in questions that they have solved before.

4. Speed Measures Ability

Many students have the misunderstanding that being fast and first proves how good you are in Math. This comes to their mind from how they are rewarded by their parents and teachers and the emphasis on time-based tests. Students get so involved in getting the speed that they try to learn concepts instead of understanding them which results in careless mistakes.

5. A Great Memory Makes You Good In Math

Memory is required to learn only a few concepts in Math but that does not mean that good memory makes a good Mathematician. Understanding concepts, practice, and hard work make a student good not only in Math but in any subject. Once a student understands concepts and the structure of Math, everything else falls into place.

At igebra.ai our team works hard every day to clear these myths and prejudices from both kid’s and parent’s minds. Our aim is to educate kids as well as their parents and build a highly progressive and intellectual community free from all the misconceptions which are stopping them from moving forward.

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