math++ student won national level arithmetic competition

Our math++ Student, Baani Ghai Bagged a Gold Medal at the State Level in a National Arithmetic Competition

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” – Albert Einstein

Our little champ Baani Ghai, a 4th class math++ student who bagged a gold medal at the state level in a National level Arithmetic competition shares a glimpse of her journey and experiences with us.

math++ student won national level arithmetic competition

Dreams and passion always play a crucial role in the journey of success, be it in the case of children or adults. Often, we come across people who live up to the dreams that they have dreamt since their childhood and their belief that they could achieve anything in life is what keeps them going. Each one of us has special moments that are remembered for life and all the more reason to celebrate if it was during our childhood. Interest in sports, fine arts, storytelling, learning new languages, playing with numbers, etc. could lead us with flying colors. It is mostly during our school times when we find the motivation to do better, become better and reach great heights through great leaders like APJ Abdul Kalam, Sir Ramanujan, or Albert Einstein by reading their stories or listening to inspiring quotes. 

One such inspiring story is of this 12 year’s kid who was passionate about storytelling and social media since her childhood, influenced by a simple quote “Creativity takes courage”. 

 Baani Ghai is known to be a child influencer, author, and ambassador to several brands. Her openness leads her to a new type of art which has set her sail across borders to being a star in several musical albums as well. She also believes It is important to be able to make friends with numbers to succeed academically and in a career.

baani ghai math++ student

Every single person on the planet can sometimes use encouragement from someone else, whether that form of encouragement comes from competition or a realization until they have an experience or a moment in their life that drives that passion out of them.

When asked about one such memorable experience in her life, she was delighted to share her accomplishment of being awarded the gold medal at the state/regional level for being the “Arithmetic Genius” in “ Arithmetic genius contest 2022” organized by SIP Academy India Pvt. Ltd. held in October 2022. Baani also expressed that she was excited to prepare for the Nationals that were to be held in December and she’s putting all her efforts to give her best, and in addition to this she mentioned – 

“I used to attend Math classes organized by {igebra.ai}. After a few sessions of training, my interest in Math started to grow and I started to feel passionate about it. I thought that I would go all in for it. math ++ program made it a cakewalk to understand  Math concepts. My learning experience was super fun-filled and interactive with their creative coding and animated videos.”

On behalf of the {igebra.ai} team, we take this opportunity to celebrate our contribution towards Baani’s journey of being an Arithmetic Genius. Math Doesn’t Have To Suck! Our company aims to overcome the stigma associated with mathematics due to its complexity by delivering a learning experience that is both creative and memorable. Students will have fun learning with igebra.ai while developing a deep understanding and true appreciation for mathematics. Therefore, we strive to work on the holistic development of the child and motivate their classmates and young talents

No matter what stage in life, there is no limit to what we humans could achieve. This 12-year-old is making her statement by following her dream, taking an extra step toward her passion, and has been inspiring her fellow mates to be unbreakable, and unstoppable and to believe in themselves to lead a journey that’d be remarkable.

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