Math4ALL Workshop Macherla, Andhra Pradesh

Math4ALL Workshop at Kids Pathasala, Macherla, Andhra Pradesh

Team {igebra.ai} recently visited Kids Pathasala, an educational institution located adjacent to the RKC colony in Macherla, Andhra Pradesh to conduct Math4ALL Workshop. Math4ALL is an outreach program that aims to provide support to children at the grassroots level and help them score well in mathematics. The program is designed to promote a love of math among students, enabling them to develop a positive attitude towards the subject and pursue it with confidence.

Math4ALL workshop at Kids Pathasala

Upon entering the school, the team was surprised to learn that over 1600 children from all over the town attend the school. The Head Master, Mr. JVN Rama Krishna Sastry, greeted the team and discussed their plan for conducting a workshop for the students.

The team was impressed by the school’s AC conference hall, which can accommodate up to 150 students and is equipped with a smart board, projector, and microphone with speakers. Despite charging a nominal fee for the entire year, the school management takes care of any losses and is constantly expanding the school to increase student capacity. The school also boasts a beautiful playground and a well-designed stage called “Kala Vedika,” which is consistently featured in all KCP properties.

Team {igebra.ai} met the headmaster
Free Math4ALL workshop

Mr. Sastry, who has been working with the school for 18 years, impressed the team with his vision for the school and the support he receives from his team of teachers and the KCP management. He began his career as a Math teacher and achieved a 100% pass rate for his first batch of students. The school also has a computer lab, reflecting its commitment to providing modern educational resources.

Math4ALL workshop at government schools

During the workshop, Raju, our math educator, delivered an engaging and informative session to 9th and 10th-grade students. Raju’s approach to teaching math was innovative and effective, making the subject accessible and interesting for students of all abilities. He used a range of teaching methods, including visual aids, real-life examples, and practical exercises, to help students grasp complex concepts and apply them in different scenarios.

Vote of thanks - Math4ALL Workshop

The team received positive feedback from both the students and teachers, with Mr. Sastry expressing his appreciation for their efforts. The concluding session was attended by the MEO, Mr. Nagayya, and the KCP Welfare officer, who also praised the team for their work.

Math4ALL Workshop

The team was struck by the high level of math proficiency displayed by the students in Macherla and the availability of computer labs in both schools. They concluded that there is potential for launching Math4ALL and Coding4ALL programs at Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, as well as MathLab and Coding Lab programs at KCP’s Kids Patashala, with the goal of expanding these programs in the future. These programs could potentially provide an excellent opportunity for sponsor support and give the team better mileage for future expansion.

Free Math4ALL Workshop

Overall, the team’s visit to Kids Pathasala was a success, and they left feeling inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of the students and teachers. The team hopes to continue their work in Macherla and beyond, empowering students with the tools they need to succeed in math and other subjects.

Mangement appreciating team {igebra.ai}

Insights and Thoughts from Math4ALL Macherla Workshop

  • Firstly, the workshop revealed that the kids of Macherla are exceptionally good at Mathematics. This indicates the high standards of education in the region.
  • Another interesting observation was that both schools have computer labs, highlighting their focus on modern education methods. Based on this, it was suggested that the team could initiate Math4ALL and Coding4ALL programs at Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, with support from sponsors.
  • Additionally, the workshop showed the need for programs like MathLab and Coding Lab at KCP’s Kids Patashala. These programs could be offered at a nominal fee and could prove to be beneficial for future expansion. Overall, the Math4ALL workshop highlighted the importance of providing support and resources to students to help them excel in mathematics and other technical fields.

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