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Math4ALL Workshop at Girls ZPHS, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, India

Girl child education plays an important role in the development of our society as well as country. 

Team {igebra.ai} conducted Math4ALL Workshop at ZPHS All Girls School Shamshabad, Hyderabad, a school managed by GMR on 3rd November, 2022.

Girls ZPHS, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, students

The children in rural areas are faced with their own challenges which demotivate them to drop Math from their choice of subjects after school. Shortage of skilled Math trainers, lack of teaching material, failure in understanding the concepts and solutions, and less exposure to the tips and tricks which can make the subject easy, are some of the difficulties which the children face.

Knowing the importance of math, {igebra.ai} a global EdTech company has initiated a Math4ALL outreach program, a mass movement to reach out to our grassroots.

The Math4ALL program aims to impart mathematical skills to the children, increase their confidence, make them Love Math and thereby score well in their exams.

This then instills an interest in them to continue with Math in their future studies and opens up many career avenues that can be explored by the children which otherwise would have been difficult to access.

The igebra.ai team is geared up to revolutionize the teaching process in our grassroots to enable the children to grow and progress with the Math4all program.

The Math4ALL workshop at this school was conducted for 10th-grade students. The moment we entered the classroom the students were very excited and curious about what we were going to teach them.

We could see the eagerness in their eyes. They were also eager to learn new concepts, tips, and tricks. This shows how much they wanted to learn & explore more in Math.

Pradyumna, our math educator explaining multiplication table

Pradyumna, our math educator, started by explaining the easy methods to build multiplication tables to 99 by making students simply understand the underlying logic. He started with the 2nd table and showed them a way to build it faster with a pattern. Though everyone knew the table of 2, it created a different kind of experience for the kids. The students liked it so much that they wanted to carry on to tables 3, 4, and 5 and it went on till table 24.

beauty and importance of mathematics.

After the multiplication table the students learned how to solve trigonometry problems that they had been struggling with for some time in an easier way. Also, enlightening them with the beauty and importance of mathematics. 

The students said that they had a great time in this workshop because it was very interactive,   learned many tips and tricks which made the math concepts very simple, and the teacher was amazing.

The girls were elated by the session and asked us to come back soon for more!

Team {igebra.ai} was invited to visit this facility of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation’s Skilling Center in Shamshabad. The Math4ALL Workshop at ZPHS (Girls) School was organized with the help of Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Bhagwan Reddy, the officials at GMR Hyderabad. They have their skilling centers, private schools and adopted Govt. schools all around India. Thank you for collaborating with us.

Girls ZPHS, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, India

Through our joint efforts, we can help kids at grassroot level Fall in Love with Math and Score Well.

Math for All {igebra.ai}

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