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Math4ALL Outreach Program: Inauguration at Kakinada District

{igebra.ai}’s Math4ALL outreach program has been officially inaugurated in Kakinada District, Andhra Pradesh, India in the presence of Smt. Vanga Geetha (MP), Mr. Kurasala Kannababu (MLA), Mr. Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy (MLA), Dr. Kritika Shukla (Dist. Collector), Mr. Madhusudan Rao D (RJD), Smt. Subhadra Datla (DEO) along with other Government Officials and 300+ audience members. The launch event happened at Smart City Center Conference hall, Kakinada District on 16 November, 2022.

What is Math4ALL

math4all igebra

Math4ALL is an initiative by {igebra.ai} focusing on making math inclusive. Math is an essential skill everyone should master to achieve great things in life. Our mission is to to improve math skills of students at the Grassroot level and Make Kids Fall in Love with Math and score well. We strongly believe that every kid should get a chance of learning and mastering math because it builds foundation for logical and analytical skills.

math4all program for government school students

We strongly believe that every kid should get a chance of learning and mastering math because it builds foundation for logical and analytical skills.

If we have to make our country stronger, we need to strengthen our grassroots, out of a whooping population of around 130 crore people, around 65 % belong to rural India, and 20% of children in the age groups of 6-14 do not have enough resources to get an education. Education is not a privilege but a right.

Our research shows that many students at the grassroot level across the world don’t receive even the necessary math education. The Indian education system in rural areas has its own set of challenges like lack of teachers, right studying material, quality of lesson delivery and many more which leads to increased fear of math and eventually kids either fail or leave math after 10th grade.

A lot needs to be done to provide better quality math education for all children at the grassroot level. Because the importance of math in the modern world cannot be overstated. It has applications in every profession, scientific discovery, digital data and AI apart from daily life.

In response to this, {igebra.ai} a global Edtech company with its Math4ALL outreach program aims at reaching out to rural India. {igebra.ai} is strengthening partnership with ASEI and Impact Foundation to take Math4ALL outreach initiative to the next level.

We want to solve this problem by providing well trained teachers, who can help the students learn the problem solving methods. Along with providing math education at grassroot society {igebra.ai} is creating local employment opportunities to the unemployed youth. We recruit, train and deploy hundreds of math teachers at grassroot level schools to achieve the outreach mission.

Math4ALL Program Flow

igebra.ai math4all program

Expected Outcomes of Math4ALL Program

benefits math4all program

How We Teach

igebra.ai math4all program

Math4ALL Implementation at Kakinada District

After our workshop at Bendapudi, the collector of Kakinada district Dr. Kritika Shukla, IAS was thrilled with our mission. Dr. Kritika Shukla told us there are about 200 government schools in the district and some of them don’t even have a math teacher, which is alarming and needs immediate attention.

Dr. Kritika Shukla, IAS has directed us to implement our Math4ALL program across the district in order to make sure that the children of grassroots society get access to math education and are able to learn the skills that are necessary for their education as well as future career growth.

The Collector of Kakinada District, Dr. Kritika Shukla has chosen below 5 schools for our pilot program as the students of these schools are scoring less marks in math. At all these 5 schools an educator is hired from the local area, trained and deployed to take regular math classes.

  1. ZPHS, Vetlapalem
  2. ZPHS, G.Medapadu
  3. ZPHS (Boys), Uppada – Kothapalli
  4. ZPHS (Girls), Uppada – Kothapalli
  5. ZPHS, Mulapeta

We wanted to conduct an assessment test before we start our program to understand the knowledge levels of these children. Our team conducted assessment tests in the last week and evaluated and shared the results to the Collector and DEO.

math4all government school classes
ZPHS, Vetlapalem
math4all government school classes
ZPHS, G.Medapadu
math4all government school classes
ZPHS, Uppada Kottapalli (Boys)
math4all government school classes
ZPHS, Uppada Kottapalli (Girls)
math4all government school classes
ZPHS, Mulapeta

By joint efforts we can surpass the injustices inflicted on our children in rural areas. If we ignore these challenges now, then the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance will scar our children forever and threaten the healthy growth of our country.

We urge all of you to join our movement and help our grassroots become stronger and prepared for a fast paced and technically vibrant future by making them Fall in Love with Math.

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