Top 15 Math Games For Elementary School Kids

Top 15 Math Games For Elementary School Kids

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Fun math games can help kids learn better. The world of education is ever-changing. It is crucial to improve the teaching methodology to upgrade the overall learning experience for kids. Math games help in keeping kids engaged and increase their attention span during the learning process. Math games can simplify the challenging and complex math concepts through exciting and eye candy Visualizations that can attract kids attention towards learning subjects like math

Math Games For Elementary School Kids

According to a recent study, nearly 60%of the teachers use math games in teaching during a class. About 18% of teachers use math games regularly. It ponders the idea of teaching and learning through math games in the 21st century, making it easy and convenient for teachers, parents, and the kids.

Benefits of Math Games in Learning:

Math games help in making the learning process fun and engaging for kids. As observed in recent decades, kids learn through play, and research supports the statement with statistics and timely evidence. 

Often parents believe math games are a bootlegs errand however, the below benefits approve that math games can add value to the kids learning process.

1. Motivates Kids To Play More And Learn More

Math games improve kids’ perspective towards subjects like math by engaging them with attentive storylines and levels. It inspires kids to play more math games thereby, providing more scope for learning.

2.Improves Kids' Focus Span

Attractive visualization in math games keeps kids glued to the game allowing them to understand and experience more math concepts.

3. Better Retention In Kids

Recent studies prove that visually learned and experienced concepts are well retained by our minds for a longer period. Math games can benefit kids by helping them retain math concepts for a longer period.

4. Increase In Curiosity

Different levels, attractive visualization, and sounds can add a different value to the entire learning experience. Such a learning environment provokes the curiosity in kids to engage more and learn more hereby, willing to play more math games.

5. Avoiding Boredom

Traditional teaching methods through textbook examples can evoke a sense of boredom in kids towards a subject like math. However, math games can be a fascinating way to avoid boredom in kids and keep them hooked on the learning process.

Here are the Top 15 math games for school kids:

1. Math Tic tac toe

This math game follows the 9 factorial. In this math game, tic-tac-toe players fill in each of the nine entries with one of only three values: an X, an O, or leave the blank empty. That’s a total of 3*3*3*3*3*3*3*3*3 = 3^9 different ways.

2. Bingo

Another popular math game is bingo. The math behind math teaches kids the probability of winning the game. This is calculated by dividing the number of cards they have bought by the total quantity of cards in the gameplay. For example, there are 30 cards in the game. A player has 3 cards, and the odds of winning are 3 of every 30.


3. Sudoku

This popular math game gives kids control over the numbers from 1 to 9 improving their cognitive skills. Placing the numbers from 1 to 9 without any repetition and sequence in the row and column. This math game can improve the logical, analytical, and cognitive skills of kids. 

4. Minesweeper

This math game is related to adjacent angles and shapes on a square grid. This math game consists of a square board with a combination of grid squares, blank whilst, and some mines. Each blank in the square board is assigned a number, with its adjacent squares carrying a mine. The player has to calculate, and select the tiles avoiding the mines to win the game.


5. RobArt

RobArt allows kids’ to understand maths through programming various math patterns and designs. It permits kids to enjoy the learning process of math, making kids fall in love with math. Check out {igebra.ai} to book a trial class for your kid.

Robotics for Kids - math++

6. Order Decimals

A math game focusing on decimals. This math game teaches kids to differentiate and find the order of increase or decrease in decimals.

Order Decimals

7. Two Truths and a Lie

In this math, game teachers provide 3 statements with two statements being truly related to Math and a false statement related to Math. For example,

Statement 1: 133 is an odd number.

Statement 2: 177 is an odd number.

Statement 3: 22 is an odd number.

Two Truths and a Lie

8. Math Facts

In this math game, math flashcards are given to kids based on the basic math concepts. This game can be played in groups or as teams with points given to the teams guessing the fact right!

Math Facts

9. Pizza Fractions

This math game pizza fraction allows kids to learn a variety of fractions. Pizza is one of the favorite foods of kids. Kids can prepare orders of pizzas and divide them among their customers. This math game improves the concept of the fraction in kids, and also refines their quantitative analysis.

Pizza Fractions

10. Math Mystery

This math game helps kids to improve their understanding of concepts related to algebra reasoning with basic equations. As kids play at higher levels, interaction with complex equations increases helping kids master algebraic concepts. 

Math Mystery

11. Thinking Blocks

This math game helps kids to understand word problems visually. Word problems such as comparison word problems, multiplication, and division-based problems. Here the problems are explained through blocks. This can be a fun game to visualize word problems making math super fun and easy.


Thinking Blocks

12. Venn Puzzles 2

This math game helps kids to understand word problems visually. Word problems such as comparison word problems, multiplication, and division-based problems. Here the problems are explained through blocks. This can be a fun game to visualize word problems making math super fun and easy.

Venn Puzzles 2

13. Candy Challenge

This game allows kids to improve their algebraic reasoning through the game. This game involves levels where the player(kid) needs to calculate the price of each candy based on the given information. This game improves kids’ mathematical reasoning.

Candy Challenge

14. Mach Ten Multiples

This math game allows kids to learn the multiples of numbers. In this game, kids have to drive their spaceship towards the right multiples to score more points.

15. Prodigy Game

This game allows kids to develop a positive outlook on math. This game understands the gap between kids and math concepts and tries to bridge it through effective visualizations and attractive levels.

Prodigy Game


Math games can add the missing sense to kids’ learning process helping them understand subjects like math making them fall in love with math. {igebra.ai} makes math a child’s play for your kids.

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