is elemetary education enough for our kids

Is Elementary Education Enough For Our Kids?

It is said that elementary education builds the foundation of a Great Nation. Education should necessarily help a child develop many skills to shape their lives, including independent and critical thinking. But are the kids ready to face the real world which is changing and progressing very very fast. Do we need to give them some extra skills or refine the skills they are getting from schools? And if yes then at what stage? These are the questions continuously going through my mind because we, being working professionals, still need to keep learning to stay up to date in this competitive world. Then why are we sticking to the same old education system which was designed at the time of the industrial era? The main objective of the education system back then was to train the workers for industries. But are the industrial age values going to help us today and tomorrow? 

The elementary education system needs a major update to be effective. Our traditional system of education trains kids to stay disciplined by simply following the instructions, whereas we need our kids to stay enthusiastic, be creative and open thinkers so that they can find new solutions at the time of difficult situations. 

{igebra.ai} is one of its kind and international platforms where they focus on the overall development of children from social, emotional to academic skills. Helps students to get in touch with technology and to make most of it in the right way. They get one on one and group interactions, improving kid’s communication skills, and learning coding help them think out of the box. Worth mentioning here that coding and Innovating thinking is going to be the must-have skill for kids. Coding is the new global language we as a human need to learn to coexist with technology, as it is the language of the most widely used things on the planet, like computers, smartphones, automatic machines, etc. Likewise, mathematics is the best way to develop freedom of thinking, examining the truth, and to stand by it. Math is a way of thinking and helps to understand the world more rationally. 

The highly innovative Math + Data + AI learning framework of igebra.ai makes education meaningful and engaging. Starting from grade-1, {igebra.ai} enables the child to experience the world with mathematics by finding the mathematical relationships and logics present in the nature around us.  

To conclude all I can say, making a child skill ready is the best investment we can do for them.

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