{iPi}Show-Western Plaza

{iPi}Show at Western Plaza, Hyderabad 2022.

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Team{igebra.ai} with a vision to make kids fall in love with math organized an event in Western Plaza {iPi}Show, Shaikpet, Hyderabad on 30th April 2022. To inspire curiosity towards learning math in kids, the entire place was arranged with standees and banners displaying the math++ program and its features for the parents.

Commencement Of The Event {iPi}Show

The event covered three areas including the Registration desk, RobArt Workshop, and an Interaction session with kids and parents focusing on math. The event displayed testimonials of various kids who enrolled in our math++ program. The kids and parents enrolled at the registration desk with excitement to participate and interact with the team of {igebra.ai}. Kids at the registration desk were awarded participation certificates and a bar of chocolate making them smile with happiness. 

Skit On Math Anxiety In Kids

The event began with a welcome note by one of our team members. Later, a skit was enacted depicting the math anxiety a kid undergoes before a math exam and how {iPi}Buddies help kids to fall in love with math by teaching them application-based math. The skit was thoroughly enjoyed by both the parents and the kids. The parents appreciated the team for the skit and the storyline.

Presentation-Why Kids Hate Math?

After the skit, the team of {igebra.ai} explained the reasons why kids hate math through a presentation. Kids agreed with most of the reasons explained during the presentation. Kids shared their experiences with math and their reasons for disliking math.

Why Kids Hate Math?

Presentation-Beauty And Need Of Math

After the interaction with kids and parents about why kids hate math, one of our team members explained the beauty and need of math using various examples from nature to different domains and fields where math is applied, creating a sense of awareness about the influence of math in our lives. Parents and kids were surprised to notice math in all aspects of their life. 

Presentation-Making Kids Fall In Love With Math

After creating awareness about the beauty and need of math, parents and kids were introduced to the vision of {igebra.ai} of making kids fall in love with math. We explained how we make kids fall in love with math through our math++ program. The features of our program focused on five key areas that include- teaching application based math to kids, simplifying the math concepts through visualization and games, making kids program math patterns through programming, teaching kids about data and AI, and using fictional characters to make math interesting and super fun.

After grabbing the attention of parents towards our Math++ program, various parents were inspired and were willing to enroll their kids in our program. The kids and parents were later provided with snacks and soft drinks during the event. 

Interaction With Child Psychologist & RobArt Worksop

The parents were given an opportunity to interact with our HR Psychologist on how to deal with kids with math anxiety over a zoom call. Parents enquired about the different ways they can help their kids with math anxiety. Meanwhile, the kids were engrossed with the RobArt workshop. Kids were thrilled to draw patterns, and cartoons like Doraemon through programming. The curiosity and excitement they exhibited displayed their interest in learning programming.

After an amazing session with the parents and kids, we played a video showing kids who fell in love with math through our math++ program. After all the presentations and interactions with the team, the kids’ response to the question of falling in love with math was overwhelmingly positive. 

We Made Them Fall in Love with Math!

To wrap up the event on a good note, our team performed the {igebra.ai} theme song. The kids enjoyed dancing to the tune of{igebra.ai} anthem. All the kids were excited to click pictures at the {iPi}Buddies wall with their certificates in hand. All the kids and the team of {igebra.ai} together posed at {iPi}Buddies wall for pictures with a placard stating “I Love Math”.

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