{igebra's} Data and AI Lab to be Set Up in Schools Nationwide & Why Your School Can't Afford to Ignore It

{igebra’s} Data and AI Lab to be Set Up in Schools Nationwide & Why School Can’t Afford to Ignore It ?

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What is {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab and How Will It Benefit Students?

  • {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab is focusing on preparing young minds for the fast pace evolving world. As one can see how rapidly the world is progressing and becoming digitized with each passing day.
  • {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab launched a Data and AI talk platform for students starting from Grade 5 to Grade 10, with the aim to assess their knowledge about AI and Data.
  • {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab has a mission to inspire young minds as they will be the next generation of tech leaders who’s gonna change the world with their limitless potential and curiosity. 
  • {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab will help young minds in comprehending how to prepare for the future technologies. Through which kids will be able to understand the meaning behind these complex terms such as Data, AI and Machine Learning.
  • {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab is bringing to the forefront “How to train kids for exploring Data, AI and Machine Learning.”
  • Our initiative comprising “Introducing and Developing Games” proves to be one of the most effective ways of understanding how AI works. Also, creations of Art through programming languages intrigue young minds towards learning the advanced level of coding.
  • {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab teaches Creative Coding that acts as a base for exploring and application of advanced level coding which therefore acts as a stepping stone to reach the desired goal.

What is Data?

  • Data is an integral part of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Data is basically numbers and when the context is added to those numbers it becomes information. This information is being converted into a more efficient form for processing, storing, and transferring. 
  • Data is often collected in both structured and unstructured forms. It is measured, analyzed, interpreted, reported, and visualized.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • AI is referred to as an artificial intelligence creation that mimics the likes of human intelligence that can process, learn, rationalize, plan, and perceive information (language).
  • AI was created to simplify human work as humans were earlier responsible for assigning every move to the machines whereas, after the invention of artificial intelligence an equipped machine possessed the ability to make its own decisions like human beings.

What is Machine Learning?

  • Machine learning is a specially designed AI with a skill of recognizing patterns in data and executing predictions based on that information. 
  • It’s like – the more data we provide to these machines the more advanced and accurate predictions they compile. 

The Importance of Early Exposure to Data and AI Education in Schools

  • The importance of early exposure to Data and AI learning is evident thanks to Covid-19. Nowadays, a kid’s world revolves around computers, AI examples such as Alexa, and much more…
  • Truth be told, kids have surplus energy. This energy can be made indispensable by diverting its way to something fruitful, for instance by teaching them the benefits and applications of AI, particularly the logical intelligence demonstrated by machines such as computers and robots innovation by mankind.
  • Allowing them to believe and dream of a magical world, where anything and everything is possible, for example – cities on the moon, flying cars, and many endless possibilities.
  • Early acquaintance with Data and AI promotes cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills in kids. 
  • Well, you must be wondering why specifically AI?
  • The answer is pretty obvious, look around you!! We are living in the era of futuristic technology available to humans living in the present. A technology which is likely to have a great scope on creating a significant impact on humanity and changing the world altogether for the better.
  •  Equipping young minds with adequate knowledge and skills will help kids to prosper in future endeavors which are surrounded by AI and many future technologies. 

What Students Can Expect to Learn in {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab Curriculum

  • {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab has carefully curated concepts comprising computer programming using more than one programming language, building games, creative coding and much more.
  •  These are essential in understanding how exactly AI and Data work and familiarizing with the basics to inspire new ideas.
  • Moreover, these learning are fun and hands-on manners subsequently driving them to excellence in their respective fields. Boosting kids’ mental capabilities by giving them the freedom to think, and explore limitless possibilities without restrictions.
  • We bring concepts of Data and AI, which will enable young minds to develop an aptitude for STEM boosting their curious minds to manifest their innovative ideas into reality.
  • As these kids are the future who might just change the world positively.

What Makes {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab Curriculum Unique and Effective?

  • Our carefully curated curriculum involves teaching students how to apply theoretical knowledge about AI and data practically.
  • Hands-on experience will facilitate enhancing their abilities and encouraging them to experiment and explore while simplifying the learning of the theories. 
  • Our curriculum will bring out each kid to the brink of their full potential while providing emotional benefits too. 
  • We provide a curriculum that encourages joyfulness and empathy in group activity projects, and projects involving how AI can help people in multiple ways. These types of projects have proven to reduce stress levels in kids.

The Future of Data and AI Education: How {igebra’s} Data & AI Lab is Paving the Way

  • We believe that all children irrespective of their socio-economic background deserve an exposure to Data and AI education as they are the ones who are going to play a major role in elevating the standards of the world. 
  • Our aim is to fuel their curiosity and encourage them to not bind their imagination to specified ideologies. Teaching them about these learning will help them in understanding how they can eventually make a difference by giving back to society. 
  • As it is undeniable that every profession is codependent with the data industry, each type of work whether it is healthcare, education, service sector, research or stock markets generates some kind of data that is needed to be processed, analyzed, and translated to find information.
  • Kids are the ones who will be ruling the world in the coming years, which we imagined for so long. Therefore, {igebra.ai} is focusing on preparing kids to thrive and survive in a world ruled by computers and machines.


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