{igebra.ai} in Collaboration with N.H. Goel World School for Setup of on Premises MathLab

{igebra.ai} is a global EdTech company on a mission to make Kids Fall in Love with Math. We believe math is an essential skill for a kid to learn and master. Because math builds the foundation for logical and analytical thinking for kids from a very young age. 

Our studies show about 80% of the students fear the subject of math. Math is considered a living nightmare for most students. Few of the reasons for this fear is lack of understanding of math concepts, inadequate practice, fear of tests that trigger low math scores on tests.

Math is a subject that requires a proper deep understanding of concepts and immense practice to score well in math. In addition to this, it is very important to make math super interesting and fun because kids learn better when they enjoy the learning process.

In order to make kids fall in love with math and enhance their mathematical thinking, {igebra.ai} has launched an on Premises MathLab for Schools to Help Students solve math problems confidently and score better in math.

We have kick started the MathLab Program and our first association is with N.H. Goel World School, Raipur, India. We have found that the school students were facing an issue with problem solving. We believe practicing problem solving should be a very interactive and exciting experience for students so that they can approach any problem with more interest and ease 


So, we have approached the school management and proposed our solution to help students solve math problems confidently and score better in math through Interactive & application based approach. And they were elated and curious to know more about the MathLab program. After demo and multiple discussions they were ready to collaborate with us.

Without any further ado our team including Mr. Venkat, Mr. Chiranjeevi, Mr. Pradhyman, Mr, Jai and Ms.Sheetal flew to Raipur to sign the deal on October 7, 2022.

The management admired our brand and our vision. The deal with NH Goel World School has finally been signed and sealed. The entire team of {igebra.ai} is super happy with this collaboration. All the efforts have been fruitful.  

The MathLab sessions will be taken from 10th October once every week. 

It is just the beginning of a revolution. Soon, {igbera.ai} will be collaborating with many schools across the country to Setup MathLab in Schools to Make Mathematics Fun & Easy for the Students and Make them Fall in Love with Math. 

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