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{igebra.ai} Conducted RobArt Workshop at Rainbow High School, Hyderabad

Our team {igebra.ai} visited the Rainbow High School in Hyderabad on 16th November, 2022 to conduct a workshop on RobArt.

robart workshop in school

RobArt is creative coding. It is a fun, colorful and exciting way to create beautiful math art, patterns and also creative animations using the programming language SCALA.

RobArt instills an immense amount of creativity, develops algorithmic thinking and gives kids the ability to think mathematically.

The students were divided into two groups, the first group consisted of kids from third to fifth grade and the second group hosted students from sixth to eighth grades. 

All the children were attentive and wanted to know more about RobArt. They engaged in a lot of interactive activities with our trainers Narmeen and Palak. They slowly unfolded the beauty of coding and explained the scope it has to exploit the creative side hiding within.

The students jumped with joy when their favorite cartoon characters were made using RobArt. It was an amazing experience for all the students to learn about coding, and what better way to start their coding journey than by animating their favorite cartoon character. The trainers showed them how they can code doraemon, batman, angry bird, mickey mouse and many more using RobArt. 

igebra robart program

Students took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about coding. In a short span they acquired knowledge of many programming commands, which enabled them to create simple mathematical shapes like circles, squares, rhombus and pentagons.

learn math with coding

The workshop geared up aspiring programmers, students were very curious and they enquired about the career opportunities in the field of STEM. 

The entire exercise opened up new windows and brought in a fresh air of curiosity and energy into the minds of the students. They enjoyed every moment of this session and were expressing their interest to pursue further. 

robart creative coding

With RobArt, our aim is to nurture creative imagination in children and help them become creators and innovators in the rapidly advancing technological world.

robart program in schools

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