Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Kids

How To Enlighten Kids About Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are trending lately in the world of technology and science. A recent study revealed that the Machine Learning market is valued at $8 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach USD 117 billion by 2027. Many efforts are made to impart intelligence into machines to make them future-ready such that they respond to real situations with ease. Kids Curriculum is molded to incorporate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence such that they lay a foundation for the latter from an early age.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Computer Science. It mainly focuses on using algorithms and data to function like a human brain and perform activities with efficiency and accuracy. Machine Learning helps in analyzing the occurrence of certain patterns and predicting the probability of their recurrence. Machine Learning popularly referred to as ML is used in face detection, fingerprint recognition, credit, and fraud detection are just a few examples. ML is used in where machines have to learn from historical data and make predictions accordingly.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a process of training machines to perform tasks that require human intellect. It is a part of Computer Science that aims at preparing smart computers. AI provides a machine or computer a human-like intelligence with additional skills of problem-solving, logical reasoning, object recognition, and many more. According to a recent study, the annual growth rate of AI is expected to rise up to 33.2% by 2030. Kids’ future will be overpowered by AI in the next 2 decades. 

How ML and AI are Beneficial to Kids?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help kids to be exposed to programming that is the very need of the latter. It provides scope for kids to be creative and imaginative. It adds a dimension for kids towards the future. It helps kids to improve problem-solving, decision-making, logical reasoning, and many more. It helps kids to be more confident and encourages curiosity to understand new and trending concepts like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that are expected by the future and external market. 

Artificial Intelligence for kids is the initial step towards understanding how computers or machines function in external situations through predefined commands. Artificial Intelligence can create that curiosity in kids that is required on a later note to understand a subset like Machine Learning.

Machine Learning for kids can help in attempting to program or create an algorithm for a machine or computer to perform tasks like human-mind. Machine Learning at an early age can help kids in understanding the basics of programming and understanding them in depth during the later years of their upbringing. A recent study showed that in the US more than 44000 jobs listed machine learning as a required skill. This throws light on the demand for the same and how kids must start learning, to have a good future.

Benefits of Machine Learning and AI for kids:

  • Pattern Recognition for Kids’: Pattern recognition is the assignment of a label to a given input value. Pattern recognition for kids can be classification, a process of assigning a value for a given set of classes. For example, a given email is spam or non-spam. Another example of pattern recognition for kids is identifying a pattern of a school bus time coming to a kid’s home, identifying a pattern in traveling time from school back home every day.
  • A personalized experience for Kids’: AI can help kids to gain a personalized experience towards learning. Machine Learning curates algorithms for AI to adapt to each student’s level of knowledge, learning speed, thereby helping them to learn with ease and fun. 
  • Enhances Imagination in Kids: Kids have immense imaginative power in the early years of development. And machine learning and AI can help them widen their learning horizons. Machine Learning and AI have unexplored areas and kids interacting with these technologies can inspire them towards innovation.
  • Improves Problem-Solving Skills: Kids well-versed with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence view problems in a different dimension and suggest out-of-the-box solutions with a touch of innovation and creativity.
  • Kids for Future Trend: AI and Machine Learning helps in predicting future events. Events like the stock market, change in currency rate, trade, and many more. AI contributes to the government on a larger scale. And many constitutions across the globe introduced programs in support of Machine Learning and AI. For kids to enjoy these benefits, they must learn and understand the latter.

Future of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

The future is drastically heading towards machine learning and artificial intelligence with rapid momentum. A recent study shows that by the end of 2030, over 30 to 50 million jobs will be created globally with ML & AI as a key role of function. With such tremendous changes expected, our kids from an early age must be educated with machine learning followed by artificial intelligence starting with the basics, that can help them sustain and excel in their future. 

Artificial Intelligence has acted as a major driving force for emerging technologies like Big Data, loT, Robotics and a lot more and will continue to act as a technological innovator for the foreseeable future. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide an immense scope of job opportunities.

A kid who pursues a career in machine learning will not only have a secured future but also will mark a place in his career. According to a 2019 report by Indeed, Machine learning Engineer tops in terms of salary, job postings for career growth and has huge demand in the market.

Apart from securing a good career, kids might come across Machine learning in any field they might pursue a career in. from customer service, automated stock trading to ASR popularly known for Automated Speech Recognition, Machine Learning functions in every bit, and piece across all fields and streams.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are a step towards the future for kids who dream to explore, learn and mark excellence.

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