Growth Mindset for Kids

How To Develop Growth Mindset In Kids

Developing a kid’s mindset from an early age is crucial for a successful and happy life. Growth Mindset in Kids helps them put forth efforts and use the right strategies to succeed in life and feel empowered to perform even better. Growth Mindset in Kids encourages them to realize the capabilities of their brain, thereby making them feel more motivated, inspired, and confident. Kids develop a sense of resilience to overcome the fear of failures!

What is a Growth Mindset in Kids?

A growth mindset in kids refers to developing a sense of buoyancy in kids. A growth mindset in kids is a belief system that skills, talents, and capabilities can be improved by continuous practice, they are not innate and can be gained with continuous dedication and effort. 

How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Kids?

Here are a few ways suggested and proven to be effective for developing a growth mindset in kids:

  • Create Awareness About Two Mindsets In Kids: There are two mindsets in kids. One is the fixed mindset and the other is the growth mindset. Fixed Mindset refers to kids’ belief that talents, skills are all innate and cannot be improved. Whereas, Growth Mindset on the contrary is a belief that kids can improve their existing talents, skills with practice and also acquire new skills as they grow. A growth mindset is a positive outlook towards life and situations that kids encounter. It is significant for parents to instill a growth mindset in kids from an early age to perform better as they grow and learn.
  • Be a Role-Model For Your Kids: It is observed that kids imitate their parents, learn and perform activities in their day-to-day lives. Parents are the kids’ first teachers, henceforth parents must narrate stories of success and failures of their experiences to prepare them for situations in life and thereby develop a growth mindset in kids.
  • Create a Belief – “Can Do It”: Parents must instill a thought in kids- “Can Do It”, in every field to motivate and encourage them to perform better and improve as they learn. This is crucial as a kid’s mind is moldable at an early age, right and profound thoughts can help parents develop a growth mindset in kids to improve their overall development.
  • Appraisal of Kids For Their Efforts: A pat on their back, can change everything for the kids. An appraisal can be a motivating factor for kids to improve their performance in future endeavors. It is crucial to develop a growth mindset in kids as appraising motivates and inspires them to think out-of-the-box ideas to perform better and smarter for the future!
  • Avoiding Comparison of Kids: One of the most observed patterns is comparing kids with their peers, this can negatively impact the mindset of kids, creating a belief of an inability in them to improve or perform better than others. To avoid it, it is advisable to not compare kids to their peers, and encourage them to keep trying to perform their best.
  • Encouraging Kids to Keep Trying: Failures are inevitable, and parents must prepare kids to accept failures as a mode of improving and keep trying to perform better the next time. Encouraging kids to not give up is a positive means of developing a growth mindset in kids.

Benefits of Growth Mindset in Kids

Every method recommended for kids comes along with benefits that are to be served. Here are a few most prominent benefits of a growth mindset in kids:

  • Helps Kids To Overcome Fear Of Challenges: A growth mindset in kids is a positive attitude towards life, building confidence is the evidence. It helps in overcoming the fear of failure in life, as change is inevitable.
  • Brings Positivity Towards Life: The glass is half full is a positive viewpoint that needs to be developed in kids to accept and try, irrespective of what life has to offer.
  • Encourages To Try New Challenges: A growth mindset in kids encourages them to try different things at different stages in their life thereby increasing exposure to the world and its new technologies like Metaverse.
  • Engages Kids With Curiosity: Trying new challenges in life requires curiosity that is developed in kids with a vision of growing and learning. The foundation for the latter is developed through a growth mindset in kids.
  • Kids Are Exposed To All Regions: Exploring and Learning, kids encounter different challenges, and expose them to various fields that help in overall development.


Kids resemble plants that grow in the direction of the sun. Parents must ensure a growth mindset in kids from an early age for a stable and empowering future.

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