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Future Scope of Robotics for Kids

Kids are offered a wide variety of cartoons over television, but kids prefer watching the content they like and can relate to, something that fascinates them. One such cartoon is Doraemon, and why is it preferred the most by kids, because it’s the cat robot that attracts their attention and keeps them wondering about it. Robots have always been the trend for decades. Not just cartoons but movies, games, space exploration to major fields are being taken over by robots. A recent study shows there has been a surge in robot purchases by 37 percent in the year 2021 compared to 2020. Countries like Japan showcase a huge range of robot varieties and have immense scope for the same. Other countries like India, The US, and Canada are investing money in this field which portrays the growing demand and admiration for the field.

What is the Future of Robotics?

Robotics is a field that has immense scope and is omnipresent in all fields. It is assumed by scientists that by 2050 robots will function in all possible sectors. And we are close to the hypothesis, with movies like WALL – E cleaning waste on planet earth to robot rovers sent to study the surface of Mars by NASA, robots are inculcated as a major part of our lives.

Kids, Robots, and Future: 

Kids of today’s generation are referred to as the futuristic kids or gen-z kids as they or their future generations will be surrounded and functioned by robots and mere robots alone.

Kids must start educating themselves about robots and machine learning at an early age, as kids at this stage are curious to learn new things, and their ability to grasp and understand concepts like machine learning will be faster. This is an age where kids watch cartoons like Doraemon and are eager to know how it functions. Educating kids with concepts like robotics can help them relate to what they watch, read and understand it better for its application.

Here are a few benefits kids can receive from robotics: 

  • Understanding Robotics from an early age provides an edge: Kids who are fascinated about robots and are curious about the same can start learning them at an early age. It’s important for kids to adapt and educate themselves to the changing trends and evolve along with them. There are sources available that can help kids learn about it in a fun and engaging way.
  • A career in robotics for kids’ is a Bullseye: There is a wide range of available options for kids to pursue their career in robotics: Design Engineer, Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Machine Learning expert are a few popular career options available for kids to make a career in! With the increase in demand for robots in the future, there is also a growing demand for experts who can make these robots function accordingly. 
  • Kids can create futuristic robots: In the 21st century, there are robots like Kitchen Peanut serving at restaurants to robots used by countries like China to replace the military at borders during winters. We have robots that can change colors like chameleons for military purposes by South Korea, to Walker X robots that can play Chinese chess games. With a huge demand for innovative robot ideas, kids can create robots for the future that are innovative and helpful.
  • Enhances the creative side of kids: Kids can enhance their creative thinking through robotics that can help them design new features for robots or new designs for robots. Robotics is a field that helps the young minds of kids engage in thinking something inventive and ingenious.
  • Kids’ can use robots for learning: With new-age learning in focus, we are currently using smart classrooms for teaching. In the future, it’s predicted that robots can teach students, help kids understand concepts through 3D presentation of concepts supporting visual learning.
  • Kids’ can adapt to the future changes: Robotics is the near future, and kids enrolling in robotics can help them adapt and understand the changes that are expected in this field. 
  • Learn coding through robots: Learning the commands alone can be boring and unpleasant, but learning it through RobArt (robot + art) can be fun and a refreshing experience for kids. One such place is {igebra.ai} that provides this environment for kids to learn and enjoy along the process of learning.


A future with robots is near to fruition, with ample concepts for kids to learn, explore and grow along. Kids must entail robotics as a part of their development process to adapt and sustain the future. 

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