Future of AI for Kids

Artificial intelligence(AI) is becoming a technological reality across all major organizations. It has taken over manual functioning and has gained huge demand over the recent decades. According to a study, AI-based start-ups in India are expected to hit 100 by 2025. It has become a major driving force for automation, robotics, big data, and a lot more fields. Many movies were filmed with AI as their main plot, which shows us the growing admiration for the prior. Without observation, we use AI in our day-to-day activities such as navigation apps, facial recognition, voice assistants, 3D photography, spam filters are a few of them.

What Does It Mean to Our Kids?

Our kids need to learn the basic applications of AI as it can help them learn problem-solving – real-time improves focus and teaches them something that will become a major part of their lives with the growing developments in this field. 

To help them understand the basic AI applications like how chatbots, voice assistants like (Alexa, ok google) work can create a huge difference to our kids, to inspire them to learn more and can further turn them into their careers in the future. With the growing developments in various fields, we as parents need to teach our kids the necessary skills required for them to withstand the growing competition with their peers in the future. With knowledge in subjects like AI, can make your child much more smarter and confident for their future. With rapid developments in this field, the future of AI can gain more demand and add complexity to the same, henceforth it is important to teach our kids the very basics of AI from early age groups such that they can learn and adapt to these growing developments with ease and convenience.  

A career in AI is more preferred by sophomores these days and there is a huge demand for the prior by the organizations, who can improve and enlarge the use of AI in their organisations.AI is one such captivating field that is omnipresent in all major organizations and has enormous benefits along with it. Few are stated as follows:

Benefits of Pursuing a Career in AI:

Lucrative field:  AI is now one of the most preferred careers by the generation these days and will further increase in the future. It is safe to say that AI is a niche technology in engineering and designing. It has created a storm in most IT companies such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Hands-on jobs in AI fields are considered niche and highly demanded by top IT companies as mentioned earlier. 

Versatile in Nature: AI is omnipresent in all fields be IT companies, manufacturing, automobiles, etc. We use AI in our day-to-day lives as chatbots, voice assistants, face recognition. So we can state that AI is highly versatile and remains versatile.

Problem-Solving Skills: Teaching AI from an early age can help kids with identifying problems faster and analyzing them by performing logical algorithms, defining equations, and executing them through modeling.

Helps Improve Kid’s Critical Thinking: AI can help kids to think critically in every situation and view things from a larger perspective. It helps them to analyze and prioritize multiple tasks based on their importance and application. AI can also improve your child’s reasoning skills to a larger extent.

Competitive Edge: The major focus shift from manual functioning to automation and the niche role of AI in this automation shows us the hike in demand for AI experts in fields. A job in AI is an above the average job with huge demand and exclusive pay packages for the same.

Provides a Secured Future: As per a recent study, automation may decrease human interference in major sectors and can lead to huge layoffs at jobs. With such a future scenario, your child with AI knowledge can have a secured and stable career without any loss and fear of losing a job.

Cost-Effective: Starting from an early age, the cost to become an AI expert can cost way less than any other field subject and with an increase in demand, its niche superiority, it can pay well. In some cases, the AI experts are offered exclusive pay packages compared to any other field.

Machine Learning: From the current scenario, machines are man’s best friend. And teach your child how to work with the machine can help your child with predictive analysis and deep learning.

Robotics is the Future: Robots are fascinating and in the future. A replica to human intelligence, with massive scope in this field in India and in countries like Japan where robots are used across various fields. 

With AI taking over our day-to-day activities and playing a huge role across various sectors, teaching our kids the importance of AI, its basic application can add huge value to their lives. Giving them a competitive advantage against their peers’ kids can boost their career, help them in developing their personality with problem-solving, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and flow along with the change in the environment. Teaching them AI at an early age can improve their focus and knowledge by adding a new perspective to view things in life differently. As parents, it’s our responsibility to guide our kids and update them with the career and field options that are in trend and demand of the hour. To guide them we as parents must update ourselves with the latest trends and guide them by providing the knowledge of the same.

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