Coding Should Be a Summer Priority in 2023 for Kids The Perfect Summer Activity

Coding Should Be a Summer Priority in 2023 for Kids: The Perfect Summer Activity

The Growing Importance of Coding for Kids in the Digital Age

The future language is coding. More than ever, young kids today are exposed to digital technology. Kids who can code go from being apathetic consumers to inventive producers, seeing every piece of technology not only as a toy but as a challenge to be overcome and an opportunity to create. Thus, coding must be a priority as a summer activity for kids that the kids will enjoy.

10 Reasons Why Coding Should Be a Summer Priority

1. Coding is a Language

Youngsters with good language skills learn how to reason and communicate. Moreover, language improves both written and vocal abilities. Early language acquisition improves a person’s understanding of the world, and coding has its own language. The formula for each letter in the alphabet is different and is made up of 0s and 1s. These 0s and 1s provide instructions for the technology all around us.

2. Enhanced Creativity 

Children learn and develop their brains by experimenting. Even when they make mistakes, they grow from them. Coding allows kids to experiment with different ideas and concepts, which can help to spark their creativity and help them develop new ideas. If children can code, they can create websites, applications, video games, and more as they see their coding come to life.

3. Coding Improves Mathematical Abilities 

Children who code are better able to visualize abstract ideas, and use arithmetic in practical contexts. Coding allows kids to explore mathematical relationships and patterns by creating art and animations through technology.

4. Strengthened Problem-Solving Skills

When coding, mistakes are bound to happen to fix the error. Children decipher the code, pinpoint the issue, and propose a fix. The most crucial skill that a child can learn is problem solving.

5. Improves Logical Thinking

Analyzing a subject or issue and coming up with viable solutions are examples of logical thinking. The basic concept in coding and programming is decomposition, which is dividing a challenging issue into simpler chunks that can be understood and resolved. Every assignment calls for the division of a task into more manageable components, and these kinds of activities for kids improve their logical thinking. 

6. Career Opportunities 

Due to the fierce competition in the job market, your child needs to stand out from the crowd by having abilities that are superior to those of their classmates. Coding is now an essential skill set, with computer employment rising at a rate that is more than twice as fast as the national average. As the world continues to change based on a digital future, coding professionals and computer programmers are well-paid occupations that are growing more and more in demand. 

7. Coding can Change the World

Future trailblazers will be the children who begin early and learn to code at a young age. By working on applications, robotics, and other computing projects that help to shape our future in the areas of education, health, and energy, your child may go on to change lives.

8. Improves Persistence

The ability to carry out specific duties in spite of obstacles is a necessary talent. Although the fundamentals of coding are rather simple, as you advance in skill, it will get more complicated. Your child will face a number of challenging issues when creating any app or game, will make mistakes while writing the code, and will need to fix them in order for their code to work. They will experience this frequently, which will help them cultivate excellent persistence abilities.

9. Enhances Algorithmic Reasoning

The ability to outline precise processes to complete a task is known as algorithmic thinking. Children frequently employ algorithms without even being aware of it, particularly in science and math (such as when resolving issues involving long division). Kids can deconstruct issues and think of solutions as iterative processes like repetition, sequencing, and conditional logic by using algorithmic thinking.

10. Teaches Teamwork

When children learn to code, they have the wonderful opportunity to work together on projects. Students take part in project management, team communication, and discussions in groups. Every child, regardless of race, gender, or background, may learn to code. Youngsters that have a passion for technology interact and learn how to work together.

How to Make Coding Fun and Engaging For Your Kids This Summer

Every day, digital technology advances to new heights, and parents are increasingly concerned with providing their children with practical digital education in order to prepare them for success in the future. Hence, coding education must be engaging enough for kids if you want to make it a priority in their early schooling.

1. Make Coding Interesting 

At this young age, a child’s brain perceives information through short plays because they are curious and seeking pleasure. Thus, for this summer activities attempt to teach them basic programming ideas while also including loads of fun exercises and activities.

2. Help them realize, “Coding is Creativity” 

The majority of students believe that computer programmers are nerds. Yet, it is your responsibility as an informed parent to stress that programming is just as much about creativity and it’s similar to designing anything that actually exists, like video games, websites, robots, etc. The idea is to let it be a part of your child’s interest rather than forcing it upon them. 

3. Explore Fun Coding Learning Materials 

The products that are not readily available nearby can now be found online thanks to the internet. Your kids can find coding intriguing by using one of the many applications, games, or other internet resources. Introducing a coding game for fun summer activity for kids will keep kids busy, entertained and prevent them from wasting their valuable time on pointless activities. 

Coding Bootcamps and Summer Camps that Teach Kids How To Code

{igebra.ai}’s RobArt Creative Coding Course for Kids is a perfect summer activity for kids’ amusement.

RobArt is a cutting-edge and fascinating method for youngsters to investigate how art and technology connect through creative coding. By employing a robot turtle and the SCALA programming language, RobArt teaches kids how to code while letting them express their natural creativity. 

Children may make complex and original mathematical patterns, animations, and art with RobArt. They learn to think carefully about patterns and how to develop them with code as they produce these stunning works of art.


Is your child getting cranky on a hot summer day? 

Enroll your child in a coding program which will be the best summer activity for kids in 2023.  

igebra.ai helps youngsters get ready for the digital age by encouraging, interacting with, and fostering their technology interests. igebra.ai wants to inspire children by teaching them in a stimulating, hands-on atmosphere. 

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