Class 4 Icse Maths Syllabus

Class 4 Icse Maths Syllabus

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What is ICSE Board?

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is the full name of ICSE. The Council administers the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) test for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). 

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education assumes a 10-year formal education period (classes I-X). The English language medium has been introduced following the recommendations of the 1986 New Education Policy.   

 Class 4 ICSE Maths Syllabus is divided into three groups, with Group I consisting of required subjects, Group II allowing students to choose any two subjects, and Group III allowing students to choose any one subject.

What are the Important Topics in Class 4 ICSE Maths Syllabus

Class 4 ICSE Maths Syllabus

  1. Number Sense
  2. Mixed Operations 
  3. Exponents and Order of Operations
  4. Multiples and Factors
  5. Fractions
  6. Decimals
  7. Integers
  8. Profit and Loss
  9. Measurements and Data Thinking/ Probability
  10. Geometric Thinking

Class 4 ICSE Maths Syllabus - A Detailed Overview of Topics Covered

Topic 1 - Number Sense

Extending The Number System

Ordering Of Large Numbers

The International Place Value System

Roman Numerals

Digit Numbers

Place Value

Topic 2 - Mixed Operations





Topic 3 - Exponents and Order of Operations

Order of Operation

BODMAS/PEMDAS Introduction

Problems including Fractions and Decimals


Mixed operations with exponents

Topic 4 - Exponents and Order of Operations



Prime and Composite Numbers

Test of Divisibility


Topic 5 - Fractions

Factors and Multiples

Comparison and Order of Unlike Fractions

Addition/Subtraction of Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Multiplication Fractions and Mixed numbers with Pattern

Dividing Fractions and Mixed numbers

Word Problems

Topic 6 - Decimals

Graph Decimals on Number Line

Multiplication of Decimals

Multiplying by the Power of 10

Division of Decimals by Decimals

Dividing by Power of 10

Word Problems

Topic 7 - Integers

Addition and Subtraction of Integers

Comparison of Integers

Multiplication and Division of Integers

Absolute Value of Integers

Topic 8 - Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss

  • Selling Price
  • Cost Price

Topic 9 - Measurements and Data Thinking/ Probability



  • Round Money Amounts
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide money Amounts
  • Multi-Step Word Problems with Money


  • Convert Mixed Time Units
  • Add and Subtract Mixed Time Units
  • Fractions of Time Units
  • Time Zones

Data Thinking

  • Create Bar Graph
  • Create Line Plots
  • Create Pictograph
  • Venn Diagram
  • Introduction of Grouped and Ungrouped Data
  • Read a Table


  • Understanding Probability
  • Making Predictions
  • Find the Probability

Topic 10 - Geometric Thinking

2-D Shapes

  • Parallel, Perpendicular, and Intersecting Lines
  • Angles:
  1. Measure Angles with a Protractor
  2. Draw angles with a Protractor
  3. Acute, Right, Obtuse and Straight Angles
  • Identifying Congruent Figures
  • Circles: Parts of a Circle

3-D Shapes

  • Identify Three-Dimensional Figures
  • Count Vertices, Edges, and Faces
  • Identify Faces of Three-Dimensional Figures
  • Nets of Three-Dimensional Figures


  • Translation
  • Reflection
  • Rotation


  • Line Symmetry
  • Rotational Symmetry
  1. Introduction
  2. Amount of Rotation

Geometrical Measurement

  • Perimeter
  1. Find the Missing Side Length
  2. Word Problems
  • Area
  1. Create Rectangles/Squares with a Given Area
  2. Word Problems
  3. Area of Complex Figures (with all right angles)
  • Use Area and Perimeter to Determine Cost
  • Volume of Rectangular Prisms Made of Unit Cubes
  • Volume of Irregular Figures made of Unit Cubes

Coordinate Geometry

  • Objects on Coordinate Plane
  • Graph Points on Coordinate Plane
  • Graph Points from a Table
  • Use a Rule to Complete a Table and a Graph
  • Analyze Graphed Relationships

ICSE Class 4 Maths Syllabus Pdf

How to Prepare for ICSE Class 4 Maths Exam?

1. Create Small Portions of the Syllabus to Study

Instead of tackling large chunks of the material at once, study tiny amounts each day. Students won’t be able to remember much of it on exam day if they rush through all the chapters they haven’t yet read.

2. Do not Stretch Studying Sessions for too Long 

Two hours is the ideal amount of time for continuous study.  Taking breaks after every half an hour for 5 minutes is an excellent way to break that monotony. 

3. Focusing on Fundamentals

There are two types of study material in the class 4 maths ICSE syllabus: core material and elaborative material. As opposed to elaborative content, which includes instances, quotes, and illustrations, core material consists of important principles, theorems, equations, and significant diagrams and graphs.

An exam’s question pool could include up to 80% of questions drawn from core sources. Therefore, if students are having trouble finishing the curriculum, they must focus on the fundamental knowledge of the various courses.

4. Sleep Well

To complete their studying for exams, most students remain up late into the night. Students must keep in mind that getting enough sleep is what converts their short-term memory, or what they just studied, into their long-term memory, or what they can remember when taking the exam. Sleep for 7-8 hours every night to ensure that your brain actually retains everything you learned that day.


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