11 Must-Have AI Tools For Students

11 Must-Have AI Tools For Students in 2023

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“AI- aka Artificial Intelligence” this term has been one of the most trending topics of the town for its latest innovation known by the name “ChatGPT”.

  • ChatGPT is an AI chatbot whose primary attribute is to provide online customer care by answering questions in the best possible way. It was launched in November 2022 and designed by OpenAI.
  • Inventions like these have changed the perception of people about machines…machines that can listen, talk, act and most importantly they can assess and comprehend the surroundings.
  • AI is teaching us new ways to deal with and solve problems, moreover, exposure to AI education to kids at an early age will benefit them in the long run as it is going to open the door for plethora of opportunities and exhilarating experiences for them.
  • Learning AI may exhibit their inner talents, encouraging them to explore their creativity and subsequently allowing them to become more independent and responsible.
  • Also, AI creates more engaging learning experiences by incorporating the building of interactive games and group Data and AI projects.
  • As you are already aware of the creation of AI digital assistants which provide guidance and support to help kids understand the functioning of the world around them.

What is an AI Tool?

In this era, Machine Learning and Artificial are being used almost across all fields and Industries. This has ease the interpretation of large scales of data and information facilitating the tiresome work of research and application by the professionals.

Best AI Tools for Students

1. Grammarly

  •  It is one of the most well-known AI-powered writing applications which has the ability to detect spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors along with suggesting corrections with explanations. 
  • Students can employ this tool either alone or by collaborating with other apps such as Microsoft Word or Gmail. 
  • Moreover, Grammarly can scan your text in real-time making it a valuable asset irrespective of your age group.

2. Otter.ai

  •  It is an AI-powered tool allotting control over your learning experience. It has the ability to transform voice and audio into text.
  • Students can employ this tool either when they are in a classroom or doing group study. It helps in staying organized and ahead in their work with its impeccable accuracy. 
  • It enables a student to capture and share notes, summaries and even lectures.
  • Moreover, Otter.ai makes integration seamless with apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. can scan your text in real-time making it a valuable asset irrespective of your age group.

3. Brainly

  •  This tool is best for creating engaging experiences for students. Students can exchange and broaden their knowledge by connecting with one another at Brainly. 
  • This AI powered tool is specifically designed to help students in their queries by sharing knowledge and delivering and solving answers.
  • Brainly employs AI algorithms to showcase the most relevant and helpful answers to respected problems apart from moderation of content and organization..  
  • It is effective in personalized learning options and helps students improve.
  • Brainly helps students to improve proficiency and accuracy in problem solving skills. 

4. Knowji

  •  Knowji as the name implies is one of the best vocabulary learning tools for students starting from elementary to high school.
  • It makes the entire learning experience fun and practical while leaving an everlasting impression on a student’s mind.
  • More importantly, Knowji uses scientifically proven ways and content that is exciting as well as engaging for students. 
  • Its spaced iteration algorithm enables a student to commit with words there by creating long-term memory. 
  • This AI powered tool is available on any device whether it is IOS or Android. Thus, making it more accessible and within the reach of all categories of learners.

5. StepWise Math

  • It is one of the best AI-powered education tools which brings forth the hidden math potential in students. It is a platform where students can overcome any difficulty dealing with basic arithmetic operations to any complex math concepts.
  • With personalized assistance and feedback, the students get freedom to learn at their own pace which helps build confidence gradually leading to their progress.
  • StepWise Math tool monitors each and every student’s progress while assigning them lessons and worksheets solely created to address their respective needs and weaknesses. 
  • More importantly, it offers engaging problem-solving activities and worksheets in order to help students practice and prepare for exams and assessments while combating and winning against their fear of doubts. 

6. Anki

It is one of the most powerful and intelligent flashcards which makes remembering things much easier for the user.
Anki is a digitized flashcard application that employs AI spaced iteration to help students learn and retain new information more effectively.
It regulates students’ progress and reflects it on flashcards whenever necessary. This technique helps in boosting the student’s learning efficiency.
Anki app is best for learning and mastering various languages apart from memorizing any subject.
This AI powered tool is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android and the cherry on top is “it is completely free.”

7. Speechify

  • This AI-powered tool specializes in hands-free learning by converting text into audio. Making it perfect for students occupied in their jam-packed schedules or struggling with reading.
  • Speechify can convert any type of material available from paragraphs to entire books or textbooks, notes, etc. Thereby, preventing learning limitations for the students on the go.
  • More importantly, it is accessible on any device because it can work with emails, PDFs, documents and articles.

8. Gradescope

  • This AI-powered tool helps students to assess one another’s progress while simultaneously providing feedback for continuous improvement. Thus, making it simpler and less time consuming.
  • Gradescope enables teachers to manage class projects, administer paper-based assessments in specified locations including marking of online assignments. 
  • As the name suggests, it provides automated AI grading that assures a fair grading by teachers based on useful information on student requirements and class trends.
  • Thus, helping teachers to offer better productivity by saving their time and energy without compromising equality.

9. Cognii

  • It is an AI-based virtual learning assistant tool that provides one on one tutoring and customized personalization and guidance for each student to address their respective needs.
  • Cognii is a revolutionized platform relying on conversational technology which helps in boosting critical thinking skills in students.
  • It employs natural language processing and machine learning that enables students to learn more effectively.
  • It assesses student’s performance based on their interaction through respective learning materials.  
  • More importantly, it offers specified support and feedback to help students better comprehend and retain information.

10. Knewton’s Alta

  • It is a learning courseware tool specially designed for higher education that is adaptive as per student’s learning pattern and needs. This AI powered tool helps in making students smarter while they do course work.
  • Knewton’s Alta tool delivers almost everything from text to video to examples to text. A student can choose from a plethora of courses across disciplines including chemistry, statistics and economics.
  • Prioritizing individualized learning and offering all course materials are the key attributes of Alta. 

11. Century

  • This AI-powered tool offers personalized learning by giving control of its experience to the user. Irrespective of the age group, Century- the educational AI tool is best for all the users.
  • It provides recommendations based on student’s needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses while helping parents or teachers to track their progress.
  • Century assists students to perform better and achieve great heights in their academics.
  • Moreover, it has access to various curriculums comprising individual lessons and assessments thus allowing a better overall learning experience.

Can AI Replace Teachers?

Well, there’s been an ongoing debate on this topic of whether teachers are replaceable.
To this question, my answer is absolutely NO!!!!
Machine learning and AI were solely created with an intention to help mankind thus inhibiting humans to limit themselves.
AI has been able to impart the best learning experience by allowing teachers and students to spend more quality time wherever and whenever feasible. Being is one of the most effective and useful tools teachers can possess at their disposal.
AI has the ability to bridge the gap between language and learning-teaching barriers, also it can create immersive virtual learning environments and much more..


AI has drastically changed our perspective about almost everything in our surroundings. This significant demand and curiosity to learn more and do more has led to mind blowing inventions and there’s no limitations to what the future holds. This is why we should prepare young minds, i.e. the future of the world so that they don’t have to worry about falling behind in this race of life. {igebra.ai} helps young minds to overcome their fears and discover their true potential with constant support and guidance from our dedicated trainers.

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