Making Kids Fall in Love With Math

9 Ways To Make Kids Love Math

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The world we live in is one of the best creations with a powerful backing force called Mathematics. Your kids’ future without math is a ship without a captain. A ship without a captain goes directionless. Majority of the world functions with math as a base. Studies show that kids started falling in love with math from the beginning of the 20th century. According to a recent survey, 46% of kids across the globe love mathematics; thereby building the importance of mathematics everywhere. 

An ancient Greek once argued that the best life is filled with beauty, truth, justice, play, and love. Math subject, if taught by the right trainer and platform, can make kids fall in love with the subject.

Kids love mathematics as it is omnipresent and spread across various fields and domains of life. The use of Mathematics is everywhere in fields like architecture, painting, dancing, and singing. With its branches spread across all fields governing our lives, learning mathematics becomes crucial.


Reasons to Love Math? 

With its benefits of making our lives more orderly and less chaotic, here are a few reasons to love math: 

1. Helps Kids Save Money: 

Kids who love math can calculate the money they can save on buying their favorite toys on sale. This can help them convince their parents to buy their favorite toys. Thus, kids who love math find math is easy.

2. Score Well In Examination: 

Kids who love mathematics can improve their performance in exams. Math subject that holds more credits when calculating the overall performance of the kid. Performing well in math exams can improve their overall percentage at school.

3. Math is Either Right Or Wrong: 

Math solutions are either right or wrong, there is no midway solving the problems. This uniqueness of math inspires kids to love math.

4. Math is The Base For Emerging Technologies: 

From maps to virtual bitcoins via blockchain technology and every other technology emerging in the 21st century is associated with mathematics. Mathematics is used as Binary Math which is considered the heart of computer operations. Binary Math assigns numbers to every function the computer performs, making kids love math. 

5. Math Rules Academics: 

Kids observe that math is a discipline that is related to all subjects such as social studies, physics, chemistry, biology, accounts, etc. Hence, it is another reason for kids to love math.

6. Math Makes Career Abundant: 

Kids who love math are assured of a secure future that provides various career opportunities in science, research, and computer programming, making them abundant with choices and providing a stable source of income.

7. Math Circulates in The Universe: 

The entire universe embraces itself through mathematics. It is observed in nature through the Fibonacci c series, math helps us explore the hidden events and spaces in the universe through rockets, spaceships, and satellites, giving us a reason to fall in love with math.

8. Aid For The Evolution of Humans: 

From the exchange of rock coins to metal and paper money which further escalated to virtual money. From traveling by animals to electric cars, mathematics guided humans throughout the process of evolution, making us fall in love with math all over again.


Issues Kids Face While Learning Mathematics

Issues Kids face while learning mathematics

1. Lack Of Concentration:

Kids doubtful about math can lack concentration in focusing on the concepts thus making them face issues in loving math.

2. Unconventional Teaching Methods:

The traditional ways of teaching math might create a sense of blockage for kids to love math. To overcome the fear of math in kids, parents must look for platforms that offer interactive live classes that promote new ways of teaching subjects like math.  

3. Kids Think It’s a Boring Subject:

Math is always believed to be a boring subject by kids at school. The traditional way of teaching math numbers and concepts does not excite kids, therefore kids find the math subject boring.  

4. Gap Between Theory Concepts And Its Application:

Another reason for kids disliking math is being unaware of the application of the math concepts in real life. Concepts like geometry, trigonometry, and other concepts that are learned in school are taught only from a conceptual, and exam point of view without revealing their application in real life.

5. Lack Of Proper Resources:

Kids who want to improve their math are unaware of the methods and resources they can implement to improve their math scores.


How to Make Kids Love Math? 

Kids love subjects that teach them concepts in a fun and interactive way. Here are a few math tips for making kids love math: 

How to make Kids Love Math

1. Do Your Math Homework Regularly:

Math homework can help kids practice sums on a regular basis and understand the concepts better making them fall in love with math.

2. Start From The Basics:

In order to love math, kids must start understanding math from its basics to relate to and learn concepts from a deeper level. 

3. Teach Your Friends:

Learning with friends can be fun. Subjects like math can be interesting and fun when taught to your friends. Try explaining your friends’ math concepts and clearing their doubts. It can be a good way for kids to love math.

4. Prepare The Math Topic A Day Before Your Class:

Kids can prepare the math concepts a day before they are taught by their teacher at school. This can help them to understand the concept even better and end up falling in love with math. 

5. Ask Your Doubts:

Doubts in math can be a hurdle for kids to connect and relate with the math concepts. It is advised that kids clear their doubts with their teachers, mentors, or tutors online for better performance in subjects like math. The better a kid performs, the better are the chances for him to love math.

6. Visualizing Mathematics For Better Understanding:

Mathematically visualizing concepts can ignite the creative side of kids making them love math. For example, visualizing an apple to understand fractions and arithmetic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can be a way of making kids love math. Another example can be learning numbers using a wall clock. 

7. Learning Concepts Through Math Learning Games:

With the rise of technology, applications are available across various platforms that teach math to kids using AI. When kids enjoy the learning process it helps them understand complex problems, and find solutions to them making them love math.

8. Math Videos:

It is observed by scientists that kids at early ages of learning are more attracted to cartoons and animations. Using animated math videos for teaching mathematics stories to kids during their early years of learning can be a good start towards making them fall in love with math. Apart from animated math videos, kids can learn concepts from other sources such as YouTube, and other free platforms.

9. Learning Math Through Data and AI:

Math helps in organizing the data collected by representing them in graphs, and further simplifying them using statistical tools SPSS, MATLAB, and R Programming also known as statistical computing. However, kids at the school level can learn mathematics using data they collect in their day-to-day life. The data can be in the form of traveling time, speed of their school bus, number of stops covered before reaching the destination, etc. Once kids collect this data, they can compare the traveling time using a bar graph indicating days on the x-axis and the time taken on the y-axis and conduct a comparative study. Such fun activities can be conducted by collaborating data and math to make kids love math. 



Math is an integral part of your kids’ upbringing. As parents and teachers, we must ensure that kids love math. Making kids fall in love with math can help them be the captain of their ship toward the goals of success!

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