7 Simple Secrets to Remember Math Formulas Without Getting Confused

7 Simple Secrets to Remember Math Formulas Without Getting Confused

Why do we need math formulas? Can’t we just use basic math formulas like addition and subtraction instead of complicated formulas?

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Mathematics doesn’t just lie in textbooks; it is about practice and understanding the problems. Math formulas are the key to making math fun for kids. 

Learning math formulas does not mean just memorizing them. Learning formulas includes learning the concepts related to them. Every topic in math has some fundamental math formulas that define the actions.

Math can be a fun and interesting subject only if we learn it precisely. We listen to stories of our parents or elders saying that math is hard. It has complicated and lengthy math formulas, but there are very few stories about math that tell us math is fun.

Math is the only subject where one can score full marks. That can happen only if you master math formulas.

What is a Formula?

A formula is a group of symbols that help us find out the values of things, such as circles, squares, or just a simple addition or subtraction. 

The formulas usually consist of:

  • An equals sign (=)
  • Symbols such as plus (+), minus (-), multiplication (X), etc.
  • Variables such as X, Y, a, b, etc., represent values that are unknown. 

Why Do We Need Math Formulas?

Why do we need math formulas? Can’t we just use basic math formulas like addition and subtraction instead of complicated formulas?

We can use them, but it would take forever to solve the math problem and get a result. Math is the equation that makes the process of finding solutions way easier. They tell us exactly what has to be done to solve a math problem.

If we don’t use the formulas, then we have to go through all the extra work and tire ourselves out. Math formulas make the path clear and easier for everyone. 

For example, if we want to find out the circumference of a circle, we can take the help of a formula, and the result would be within a few seconds. But if we don’t make use of the formula here, it will take some time to get the answer.

We can either use it or do things the hard way, but I think taking the help of math formulas is what I am going to do.

Why Do We Need Math Formulas

How does a formula help children in math?

The formula shows you the path to find a solution. When kids are not able to solve a math problem or have any issues with a math subject, they start to lose interest in the subject. To not lose interest in math subjects, formulas play a vital role. A kid who masters math formulas by understanding them will fall in love with math.

Formulas were invented to make math more interesting and enjoyable for kids. Formulas help kids to enhance their problem-solving skills, which makes them gain confidence.

How does a formula help children in maths

9 Ways to Remember Math Formulas Without Getting Confused

Kids get confused when it comes to learning and memorizing formulas as they are under a lot of pressure to study and score good marks in math subjects. Here are a few tricks that can help you learn formulas instead of memorizing them.

1. Develop an Interest in the Math Subject

You must have an interest in the particular thing you want to learn or study. Lack of interest in the subject will only lead to disappointment and make it harder.

If a kid doesn’t have an interest in a topic or subject, then the kid won’t be able to understand the topic, which leads them to lose confidence. It becomes easier if you learn something that you are truly interested in.

Develop an Interest in the Math Subject

2. Visualize the Formulas

Kids seem to learn things that are visualized rather than just told to them. Not only kids but also adults remember things that are imagined or visualized based on the real world.

It’s a proven fact that when you connect topics to visual memory, they will be stored within us because we find them interesting. Kids can use this technique to learn their long formulas. Connect the formulas with visualization and the kids will never forget them.

Visualize the Formulas

3. Story Behind the Formulas

Simply memorizing math formulas doesn’t help kids solve math problems. The Math subject contains a long list of math formulas. Only if you know which one to use in which situation will you find the solution to that math problem.

It is very important to know the story of the formula, such as how it came, from where it came, and for what purpose it came. Knowing the back story of formulas makes it easier to remember them.

Actually, after learning the back story, we don’t need to memorize formulas. Instead, when asked the related question, the story helps us with the formula. This way, kids will remember the math formulas for the rest of their lives.

4. Read Formulas Before Sleeping

Have you ever thought of something and gone to bed? Did you ever dream of it or remember it for a long time? If so, you will understand what we are going to talk about here.

If you think about something that you learned or just about anything before sleeping, your brain remembers it for a long time. Since we know what happens if we do this, why not use this trick to remember formulas?

ReadMath Formulas Before Sleeping

5. Always Practice Math Problems With Formulas

This is something everyone’s going to tell you. There is no better way than practicing math. It is simple, the more you practice the better you remember. When kids learn math formulas while practicing, their brains will understand the application of the formulas. That way, they will remember all the important math formulas.

If you practice solving math problems without using formulas, then you might make the process of memorizing math formulas difficult. Practicing more is the best way to learn basic formulas as well as complicated ones.

6. Practice Math Formulas By Writing it Down

This is a proven fact that writing down anything makes you memorize it. Human brains tend to remember what we write more than what we read.

Writing all the math formulas repeatedly makes your brain remember formulas unconsciously for a longer period. It makes it easier to recall the formulas.  

Practice Math Formulas By Writing it Down

7. Don’t Rush to Learn All Math Formulas at Once

Do not start with the idea of learning all the formulas in a day. Trying to learn all the formulas at once will only make you tired, and instead of remembering them, you will end up forgetting everything. Learning formulas is not just about knowing them, you have to understand the concept behind each formula to remember it for a longer time.

If you study all at once, it will increase the amount of time and create difficulties in understanding the concepts of basic math formulas too.

Also, if you don’t attempt to understand the basic concepts of formulas, your brain will accept the entry of the formulas because it cannot remember them.

Taking time and learning formulas with their concepts will help you to understand where and when to apply them, which will guide you in the examination hall.

8. Stick the Formulas to the Wall

It’s hard when you have a long list of formulas to remember. At times like this, the best thing to do is write down all the math formulas you want to memorize and stick them to the wall near your bed.

This way, you will read the formulas whenever you go to bed or when you wake up. Looking at the formulas more often will also help to memorize them.

Stick the Formulas to the Wall

9. Know the Symbols

The most common mistake kids make when learning math formulas is that they don’t focus on learning numerous symbols. You can learn many formulas, but they will be completely useless if you don’t know what symbols to use when utilizing a formula.

Before learning any basic math formulas, one must be familiar with all of the symbols and their applications. Learning numerous symbols will help kids learn advanced math formulas easily. 


Once you master learning all the formulas and their concepts, the math subjects become easier and you will start to love math. To all those kids who find math subjects hard, try to understand the concepts instead of fearing math.

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