5 WaysTo Approach Math Problem

5 ways to Approach Math Problems

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Math problems are often observed as a problem in themselves by kids. Such an ideology can lead kids to face difficulties while solving math problems. 

As per a recent survey, around 82% of students at school experience math anxiety solving math problems. Math anxiety can be due to the inability of kids to approach math problems. 

Understanding the problems encountered by kids can help them improve their approach to solving math problems.

Problems Faced By Kids Solving A Math Problems

Here are a few problems listed below that are experienced by kids while solving a math problem.

Problems Faced By Kids Solving A Math Problems

1. Poor Arithmetic Skills Leading To Confusion

Basic arithmetic skills are required while solving a math problem. For instance, a kid might face trouble solving a fundamental math problem like 18-9=?. Another example is kids getting confused in between the “<” and “>” signs leading to confusion and even more hustle solving the math problem. 

2. Lack Of Understanding The Math Problem

A math problem about calculating the angle of a shadow from a pole can be confusing for kids while solving the problem. Lack of creativity and visualization can be an obstacle to solving such problems.

3. Gap Between Concept And Real-Life Application

Often, kids’ find a gap between the math problem concept and its use in real-life generating a belief it is fictional and impractical. Kids can analyze and understand concepts based on real-life applications.

4. Lack of Proper Practice

Kids lacking practice can face difficulty understanding and solving math problems. Math concepts require kids to practice different variations in sums related to the concept taught at school such that kids can solve any sum related to the topic with ease! 

5. Lack of Support For Doubt Clearance

Kids lacking support from teachers or mentors for doubt clearance can face difficulties solving a math problem. Lack of doubt clearance from teachers can lead to further confusion in kids while solving a math problem. A subject like math requires support and proper guidance from teachers and mentors to rectify mistakes and solve a math problems.

5 Ways To Approach Math Problems.

Math can be easy and super fun. Here are five ways to approach a math problem

1. Learn The Basics to Solve The Math Problems

Learning the basic concepts related to the math problem can help kids understand the question asked in the math problem and solve it without confusion and error. It is advisable to refer to the fundamental topics related to the math problem before solving the math problem.

For instance, learning the trigonometry table and its related formulas can simplify the process of solving a math problem. The majority of the sums from this math concept are formula-based sums. Learning the formulae related to the topic can help kids solve a math problem without confusion.

Learn The Basics to Solve The Math Problems

2. Visualize The Math Problems

Math problems with questions from Trigonometry, Ratio Analysis, and Solid shapes require kids to visualize the math problem. Visualizing the math problem helps kids understand the question, and make mathematical calculations for solving the math problem. Henceforth, visualizing a math problem is highly recommended for kids trying to solve a problem.

Visualize The Math Problems

3. Application in Real-Life

Application of the math problem in real life can help kids relate to the problem and solve it accurately without errors. For example, a math problem asking kids to calculate the number of days taken by the seven laborers to construct a room when each laborer works for 6 hours a day. Such a math problem can be visualized and applied in real life making it easier for kids to understand.

Application in Real-Life

4. Solve Example Problems to Understand The Concept

Another suggested way to solve a math problem easily is practicing solved examples related to the given math problem. For example, to solve a math problem asking to calculate the diameter and circumference of a circle, try solving example problems with the formulas. It helps kids to understand the question pattern used in math problems and further helps them master the concept even better with time!

Solve Example Problems to Understand The Concept

5. Ask a Friend or Teacher to Help

Asking a friend or a teacher to help solve a math problem is recommended. Any doubts related to math concepts if left uncleared can make kids confused and forgetful of the topic. To solve a math problem ask for help whenever required such that you can improve your mathematical skills and solve math problems like a pro! 

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Ask a Friend or Teacher to Help


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