Improve Math Performance

10 Ways to Improve Math Performance


Kids learn many subjects from an early age at school, they favor some and fear a few and one such subject is “mathematics”. This subject named math has feared the kids over the generations causing math phobia in them. A recent study disclosed that around 75 million students in India suffer from math phobia. Another study states that around 25% of students suffer from mental trauma before a maths exam at school. One of the prime reasons that trigger their trauma is a lack of understanding concepts in maths. 

Why address the fear of math in kids?

Maths is one of the subjects that we apply in our lives on a day-to-day basis, from purchases at shops to mathematical calculations for tasks like budgeting, managing money, calculating your expenses are a few examples. In addition, the trauma kids undergo before a math exam can affect their mental health and their overall personality development. Hence, kids mustn’t fear the subject but learn and befriend it to apply it in their lives to make it simpler and easier!

How can kids improve their performance in maths?

Maths is an easy and fun subject if understood clearly. All this is possible only if kids overcome their fear of maths. Here are a few tips to improve the performance of kids in maths:

1. Start from the basics: Expertise comes with practice and experience. To gain that experience & expertise start from the basics. Understanding the basic operation of the arithmetic functions, mental maths, vedic maths can add value and lay a solid foundation to the procedures of solving complex mathematical problems. 

2. Don’t fear the subject: Kids primarily must have a positive attitude towards the subject. Considering maths as the villain of their lives can do no good to them. Kids must never fear the subject, and try to overcome their fear first to learn the subject.

3. Practice leads to perfection: Math is a subject that is to be practiced regularly, if practiced every day it can help kids learn and understand concepts on a deeper root level. Another add-on is it can boost the analytical and logical part of your brain thereby improving your overall personality development.

4. Rectify mistakes: Kids generally fear when they make mistakes in maths, it’s acceptable as mistakes show us the areas we need to focus on and also show us the sign of kids’ motive to learn the subject better. If required kids can seek help from their friends, parents, and teachers to rectify mistakes and improve.

5. Instil Confidence Among The Learners: “I don’t know maths” is the most common statement most kids say which is erroneous. Kids must first change their mindset towards the subject, they can consider saying “ I know maths” or “I want to learn maths”. This one statement can make a huge difference in changing their mindset and their perception towards learning this subject. 

6. Math is beyond the PEMDAS rule: Maths is vast as the ocean and its scope is boundless. It is not limited to the PEMDAS rule popularly known for ( parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction) rather, it can be made a fun learning experience by applying maths in day-to-day activities like shopping, managing money in the piggy bank, calculating your pocket money expenses. Maths is one boundless subject and its applications are numerous.

7. Make math fun: Kids can learn math in a fun way through popular games. This can create the interest for maths in kids as it can be a game-time along with studying mathematics. A few of such popular games are monopoly, sudoku, Minesweeper, Move the Box, and many more.

8. Teach and learn: Kids can try teaching math to their friends, this can make the subject interesting, and clearing the doubts of your friends can help you learn too! It’s a win-win for both the kids.

9. Enrol with an online mentor: It is advised to seek assistance to learn the tips and tricks for faster and accurate mathematical calculations. They can also help you understand concepts deeper and better! 

10. Revise consistently: Often it is observed that once learned, kids don’t consider revising it leading to forgetting the concepts partially. To avoid it, it is advised to revise the concepts that have been learned regularly and rectify mistakes simultaneously. This can boost a kid’s memory to perform in math better, faster, and accurately.


Math phobia is common and can be overcome by kids, all it needs is proper guidance and practice. {igebra.ai} is a boon to kids that offers a program math++ that believes in making math fun, engaging, and exciting for the kids. Kids don’t fear this interesting cum fun subject, they try to learn and enjoy along.

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